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Associate Partners Program

ISR's Associate Partners Program grants a level of preferred access to our faculty and students. Associate partners receive priority for research and recruiting opportunities.

ISR provides our associate partners with up-to-date information on our activities, and actively facilitates direct relationships among associate partners, faculty and students. ISR also seeks out and guides associate partners toward mutually beneficial opportunities for research collaborations with our faculty.


  • Priority access to the services of our external relations director, who:
    • Provides one-stop access to the ISR research community
    • Establishes ISR knowledge of the partner’s organization and research interests
    • Rapidly identifies collaboration and teaming opportunities
    • Quickly facilitates connections with best-match ISR faculty and catalyzes discussions to provide assessments of opportunities
    • Arranges in-person and virtual collaboration development meetings
    • Guides the associate partner through University of Maryland processes and procedures
  • Organization name included in Associate Partners list in ISR’s print and electronic literature
  • Faculty’s priority consideration for research teaming opportunities
  • Bi-directional, short-term researcher exchanges
  • Priority and timely access to students for internships and permanent hiring
  • Networking opportunities among associate partners

A path to research collaborations

While valuable in themselves, Associate Partner benefits also provide a natural path to specific collaborations in ISR. These are made possible through additional partnership opportunities.
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Special areas of emphasis

Several focused areas of research are featured within the Associate Partners Program. You can learn more about these areas by clicking on the links below.

Green Communications




Dues to become an Associate Partner are $10,000 per year. A portion of the dues may be tax deductible.

For more information, contact Jeff Coriale, 301-405-6604.