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Postdoctoral researcher sponsorship

ISR offers industry a unique opportunity to participate in its research through sponsoring postdoctoral researcher appointments.

ISR/industry postdoctoral research appointments

  • Support the development of researchers skilled in state-of-the-art Systems Engineering approaches
  • Promote participation in research strongly oriented towards practical and strategic problems identified by industry
  • Strengthen the technical interaction between ISR and sponsoring companies
  • Promote the rapid transfer of technology
  • Facilitate the commercial exploitation of knowledge

Opportunities for the company

The sponsoring company has the opportunity to appoint a Technical Liaison (TL) to the postdoctoral appointee. ISR encourages the TL to maintain regular contact with the postdoctoral researcher, and to facilitate personal collegial contact with additional staff at the sponsoring company. It is anticipated that these appointments and the TL relationship may provide significant opportunities to the sponsoring company, including:

  • Participation in the research by sharing industrial experience and guidance
  • Early identification of significant research results for potential implementation at the sponsoring company
  • Early identification of resulting intellectual property for licensing consideration by the sponsoring company
  • Potential future employment of the postdoctoral researcher at the sponsoring company
  • Acknowledgment of company support in all publications produced by the postdoctoral researcher during the term of the appointment
  • Naming of the appointment for the sponsoring company, providing company with the prestige and publicity of having their name associated with the highest quality postdoctoral researchers

Postdoctorial criteria

ISR postdoctoral appointments are available to qualified recipients of Ph.D. degrees who have interests in systems engineering and its applications. Postdocs will be matched with specific companies based upon the company's research interests, consistent with Maryland and federal laws. The company will participate with the faculty advisor and the postdoc in identifying a research topic of mutual interest.

Through separate agreement, the postdoc will be offered the opportunity to spend time at the company on research related activities. The postdoc will be encouraged to submit a brief progress report annually.


By participating in this ISR/Postdoctoral Researcher Appointment Program, the company agrees to contribute approximately $65,000 per postdoctoral researcher per year, depending on the postdoc's qualifications. This amount provides for a stipend, health insurance, reasonable travel costs for an annual visit to the company, and related research activities.

Postdoctoral researcher appointments are typically for up to two years. Annual renewal reviews will be conducted with input from the company, faculty advisor, and postdoc. Renewal will be contingent upon continued mutual interest and the availability of funds.

Company will also identify an administrative point-of-contact for all program aspects, who will coordinate details with ISR.

Need more information?

For more information, contact Jeff Coriale, 301-405-6604.