Screenshots of Recent Projects

Project: Modeling Airplane Trajectories in NASA World Wind
Author: Kenan Unal
Semester: Spring 2017

Fig. 01. Using NASA World Wind to Model and Visualize Airplane Trajectories.

Project: Trip Planner Data Model
Author: Ruiche Liu
Semester: Spring 2017

Fig. 02. Software architecture for trip planner data model.

Fig. 03. Visualization of map locations in Washington DC.

Project: Linking Natural Language Processing with Physical System Domain Analysis
Author: Linyu Shi
Semester: Spring 2017

Project goal is to explore opportunities for linking Natural Language Processing with physical and geographical system domain analysis.

Fig. 04. Sample sentences.

Fig. 05. Querying sample sentences for physical and geographical content.

Fig. 06. Simple tests to see if a sentence actually makes sense?

Project: Modeling Travel Time on Arterial Network
Author: Bahar Zarin
Semester: Spring 2016

Fig. 07. Using Google Maps to estimate travel time.

Fig. 08. Proposed method: Modeling urban travel time with JGraphT,
a stepping stone to working with GraphHopper .

Project: Job Scheduling Application
Author: Ejike Nwude
Semester: Spring 2016

Fig. 09. Graphical layout of jobs with precedence constraints.

Fig. 10. Sceendump of output from job scheduler.

Fig. 11. Gant chart for job scheduling problem.

Project: Computation of Engineering Properties in Solid Modeling
Author: Niloofar Shadab
Semester: Spring 2016

Fig. 12. Class diagram for modeling of closed solids.

Fig. 13. Object diagram for modeling of solids.

Fig. 14. Compute surface area and volume of a torus.

Project: Distributed System Behavior Modeling with Ontologies and Rules
Author: Maria Coelho
Semester: Spring 2016

Fig. 15. Semantic graph model for a person.

Fig. 16. Semantic graph model for a school system.

Fig. 17. Event-based modeling of properties associated with a person.

Fig. 18. Interaction of events (intervals of time) and semantic properties for sending a school report home.

Project: Simulation of Autonomous Robots in Warehouses
Author: Mike Morency
Semester: Spring 2016

Fig. 19. Designed warehouse layout.

Fig. 20. Warehouse view of running simulation.

Fig. 21. Package diagram for warehouse simulation.

Project: Advanced Guideway System: Train Analysis and Route Selection
Author: Chris Binkley
Semester: Spring 2013

Fig. 22. Satellite view of the project area, annotated with the points of interest.

Fig. 23. A snapshot of the route selection dataset.

Project: Modeling City Connectedness and Cascading Failure
Authors: Alan Nguyen and James Vaughn
Semester: Spring 2013

Fig. 24. Class diagram of a City Meta-Model.

Fig. 25. Modeling cascading failures within the City System. Incipient failure.

Fig. 26. Modeling cascading failures within the City System.
Propagation of failures across systems.

Project: Tank Model and Visualization
Authors: Sijia Cao and Liang Qiao,
Semester: Spring 2013

Fig. 27. Solid modeling and Java 3D visualization of a tank!

Project: Component-Based Behavior Modelng with an Application to HVAC
Author: Karam Rajab
Semester: Spring 2013

Fig. 28. Pump connected to a pipe in a network.

Fig. 29. Physical model of fluid flow in a pipe of length L.

Fig. 30. Application of Bernoull's equation in pipe flow.

Fig. 31. Pipe and pump components connected into a simple network.

Fig. 32. Pipe 2's output pressure as a function of the pump discharge pressure.

Project: Dam Structure Modeling and Visualization
Author: Qianli Deng (Shally)
Semester: Spring 2012

Fig. 33. Java 3D visualization of Lac qui Parle Dam.

Project: Safe and Efficient Bicycle Routes
Authors: Leah Flake and Sapeksha Vemulapati
Semester: Spring 2012

Fig. 34. Bicycle safety map (red = 5, orange = 4, yellow = 3, green = 2, blue = 1)

Fig. 35. Weighted graph network of vertices and edges (only seen by the developer)

Fig. 36. Display of the shortest route.

Project: Graph-based modeling of a People Mover Train
Author: Reuben Juster
Semester: Spring 2012

Fig. 37. Graph model of the AirTrain at JFK Airport.

Project: European Gas Network Modeling
Author: Jonathon Kumi
Semester: Spring 2012

Fig. 38. Movement of flows in the European Gas Network.

Project: Architectural Floorplan Modeling of Buildings
Authors: Eddie Tseng and Mamadou Faye
Semester: Spring 2012

Fig. 39. Composite hierarchy display of the SEIL (Systems Engineering and Integration Laboratory) floorplan.

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