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  • ENEE 312 (Fall '03, Fall '05)
        Semiconductor Devices and Analog Electronics
  • ENEE 312H (Spring '02)
        Semiconductor Devices and Analog Electronics, Honors
  • ENEE 313 (Fall '06)
        Introduction to Device Physics
  • ENEE 408D (Spring '04, Spring '06, Spring '07)
        Capstone Design Project: Mixed-Signal VLSI Design
  • ENEE 719C (Fall '04)
        Advanced Topics in Microelectronics: Mixed-Signal VLSI Design
  • ENEE 719P (Spring '03)
        Advanced Topics in Microelectronics: Sensory Information Processing

Undergraduate Research

      Over the past five years, over 35 undergraduate students have participated in new and on-going research projects in the IBIS lab. Undergraduates can develop valuable experience to enhance their academic studies by being involved in research. They can receive academic credit for their research efforts through ENEE 499, or stipends via the various competitive undergraduate research programs available through the University. Students interested in research opportunities in the IBIS lab are encouraged to contact Dr. Pamela Abshire.

The following are links to some of the University's undergraduate research programs:

      A summary of prior undergraduate students in the IBIS Lab and their research projects can be viewed here.

Graduate Research

      Over the past five years, 14 graduate students have conducted or are currently conducting research in the IBIS lab. A summary of IBIS graduate students and their research projects can be viewed here.

      Please be sure to check out our People webpage where some IBIS lab students have detailed their research interests.

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