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Optimal Selection of Partners in Agile Manufacturing

Principal Investigator: Ioannis Minis
Department of Mechanical Engineering and
Institute for Systems Research
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742

Project Team:
Arun Candadai, M.E. and ISR
Jeffrey W. Herrmann, M.E. and ISR
Giang Lam, M.E. and ISR
Edward Lin, ISR
Rakesh Nagi, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, SUNY at Buffalo
Vijay Ramanchandran, M.E. and ISR


The Optimal Selection of Partners in Agile Manufacturing (OSPAM) project focuses on design evaluation and partner selection in distributed manufacturing. It is being conducted at the Institute for Systems Research of the University of Maryland in cooperation with the State University of New York at Buffalo, Westinghouse ESG, Martin Marietta, Orlando and The National Institute of Standards and Technology. The work is funded by the U.S. Army TACOM.

The focus of this project is the design for distributed manufacture of electronic products, such as microwave modules and hybrid assemblies. The project is developing methods for critiquing the design of such products with respect to the production capabilities of potential partners, alerting the designer to elements of the design that correspond to costly operations, and selecting a good combination of partners that contribute to the manufacture of the design. Thus, we are developing a design advisor that integrates partnering (including make or buy) decisions in the design phase, and facilitates design improvements with respect to partner capabilities.

The research contributions of this project include the following: