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Software for Improving Mass Dispensing and Vaccination Clinic Operations

This software is provided free of charge for use by public health emergency preparedness planners. All of the software is copyrighted by the University of Maryland.

Clinic Planning Model Generator

CPMG spreadsheet

The Clinic Planning Model Generator software creates a Microsoft Excel workbook for POD planning. Public health planners in 25 states have used the software to evaluate and improve their POD plans.

The software has the following features:

The CLINIC PLANNING MODEL GENERATOR Version 2.04 is available for download free of charge.

See our Frequently Asked Questions and our blog for more information about the software.

Note: it is essential to have both the Clinic Generator and Clinic Template files in the same folder on your computer when using the software.

Note: If running Microsoft Excel 2003, you may need to change the Macro Security level to Medium. On the Excel Tools menu, click Options. Click the Security tab. Under Security, click Macro Security. Click the Security Level tab, and then click on the button next to Medium. Then click OK.

Registration: Please send an email to to tell us that you have downloaded the software. We will update you when revisions are available. We will not send you junk email.

Download: You can use the following links to download the user's guide and the software:

You can also download a zip file that contains all of the above files.

Copyright notice: Copyright 2008 University of Maryland and Montgomery County APC. All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: Cooperative Agreement Number U50/CCU302718 from the CDC to NACCHO supported this publication. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the University of Maryland and the Advanced Practice Center for Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response of Montgomery County, Maryland, and do not necessarily represent the official views of CDC or NACCHO.

School Flu Mist Clinic Planning Model: The following complete clinic planning model was created for a local school district that is planning a school flumist clinic in which a batch of 15 students arrives every 5 minutes:

Drive-through Flu Clinic Example: The following complete model is an example of a clinic planning model. It was created for planning a drive-through flu clinic.

The CLINIC PLANNING MODEL GENERATOR Version 1.25 is still available for download as a zip file.


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