CDS Lecture Series

Friday, June 4, 2004 11:00a.m.

Brian Anderson
Chief Scientist, National ICT Australia, Ltd
Distinguished Professor, Australian National University

Sensor Network Localization

Sensor network localization is the task of establishing the absolute positions of a network of sensors given limited information, such as distances between pairs of close sensors and the positions of a small number of beacon sensors. The question of solvability of the problem can be addressed using concepts of rigid graphs, and in particular the concept of a globally rigid graph, but this concept is much better understood in two dimensions than three dimensions. Actual computation is another matter, and may require calculations growing exponentially or linearly with the number of sensors. Random sensor networks are also considered, where sensors are scattered following some defined law. Conditions ensuring that the network, or most of it, will be localizable, and indeed localizable in linear time, will be described.

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