CDS Lecture Series


Gary Friedman
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Drexel University

No Assembly Required: Magnetically Guided Self-Assembly and Manipulation in Fluids
Self-assembly of micro- and nano-scale objects suspended in fluids has been proposed as a method of bottom-up fabrication for different types of systems such as RFIDs, displays and photonic crystals. Most bottom-up fabrication strategies seek to mimic molecular self-assembly and rely on short-range surface forces. This talk will focus on the use of long-range magnetic forces in guiding assembly and manipulation of solid particles, nanotubes, emulsion droplets and living cells. Experimental results demonstrating programmable assembly and manipulation of magnetic and non-magnetic colloidal objects over a pattern of micro-magnets will presented (see some examples in the [attached] figure). Magnetically guided assembly and manipulation will be compared with other possible approaches (such as dielectrophoresis and optical tweezing) that rely on long-range forces. Basic issues regarding ability of long-range forces to guide assembly toward desired configurations will be discussed.

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