CDS Lecture Series

Friday, April 11, 2003, 2:00 p.m.

Jessy W. Grizzle
Control Systems Laboratory
EECS Department
University of Michigan

Controller Design for a Five-Line Planar Biped Robot

This presentation will discuss controller analysis and design for the walking motion of a 5-link planar biped robot equipped with four actuators: two at the hips acting between the torso and each femur and one at each of the knees, with no actuation at the ankles. The system is thus underactuated. Moreover, the robotís model is hybrid in nature, assuming a rigid contact when the swing leg impacts the ground and an instantaneous double-support phase. It will be shown how to reduce the stability analysis and performance enhancement aspects of the controller design to a one-degree of freedom dynamical system. Experimental collaboration of the principal results will be presented. The talk will be amply illustrated with pictures, animations and videos in place of formal proofs, which are available in various papers:

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