CDS Lecture Series

Tuesday, June 22, 2004, 10:30 a.m.

Lalit Mestha Principal Scientist, Wilson Center for Research and Technology
Xerox Corporation

Control Advances in Production Printing and Publishing Systems

Many digital color printers are based on electro-photographic technology. In the electro-photographic process used for copying and printing, the image content controls the amount of light that selectively discharges a uniformly charged photoreceptor material with a laser or light emitting diodes. The electrostatic image is developed with a charged pigmented thermoplastic powder that is transferred and fused to paper under heat and pressure. Many have already been introduced to the market place and their quality and productivity issues are addressed using optical sensing and modern feedback controls. The integration of computing, imaging, marking and controls technology has created modern color printing & publishing systems, such as the iGen3. In this talk, I will introduce to the multidisciplinary technology from a control system perspective, and then describe the closed loop feedback control systems of key systems which enable the precision color controls and autonomy to digital printing systems.

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