CDS Lecture Series


Mihaly Petreczky
Center for Imaging Science
Department of Biomedical Engineering
The Johns Hopkins University

Identification and Realization Theory for Hybrid Systems
Hybrid systems are dynamical systems which exhibit both continuous and discrete behavior. Such systems arise naturally in a number of fields, including control theory, signal processing, computer vision, communication networks and even systems biology.

Our goal is to infer a hybrid dynamical system model based on the observed external behavior. The observed behavior can be a stochastic process or an input-output map.

We will address the following questions:
1.Under which conditions can the observed behavior be represented by a hybrid dynamical system ?
2.When is a hybrid dynamical system a minimal representation of the observed behavior? Does such a minimal hybrid representation exist ? Is it unique ?
3. How to compute/construct a (preferably minimal) hybrid dynamical system from the observed behavior ?

We will also indicate the relationship between the solution of the above problems for hybrid systems and the solution for other classes of dynamical input-output systems.

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