CDS Lecture Series 1998

Friday, October 16, 1998, 2:00 p.m.

Mikhail Vorontsov
Army Research Laboratory

Nonlinear Optical Systems with 2D Feedback: Pattern Formation, Phase Distortion Suppression and Image Processing

In optical systems with Kerr-type nonlinearity and 2D diffractive feedback, such different dynamic regimes as phase distortion suppression leading to high resolution adaptive wavefront distortion suppression, and spatio-temporal instabilities resulting in pattern and travelling waves formation, and generation of optical turbulence have been recently observed.

Here we disscuss the following aspects of nonlinear 2D feedback system spatial dynamics:

1. Basic models of nonlinear 2D feedback systems.

2. Mathematical models: instability balloons, amplitude equations.

3. Spatial filtering in a 2D feedback loop: zero, one and two balloon mode configurations.

4. High resolution phase distortion supression using 2D feedback systems.

5. Photorefractive amplifier with 2D feedback: signal amplification with optical noise suppression, patterns and travelling waves.

6. Long-range transversal interactions and related patterns.

7. Two-component 2D feedback systems: optical models of nonlinear reaction diffusion type systems.

8. Multiballoon mode coupling: second spatial harmonic generation, coupled hexagons, lattice, interlace, and more.

9. Optical patterns and image recognition.

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