CDS Lecture Series

Amir Handzel
Senior Scientist
Beyond Genomics, Inc

Amir Handzel received his BSc in physics from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. As part of his MSc thesis in physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, he developed statistical pattern recognition tools and applied them to experimental particle physics. He continued his PhD in applied mathematics at Weizmann (2000), modeling and analyzing human sensory and motor systems.

Amir Handzel was a Research Associate working with P.S. Krishnaprasad at the Institute for Systems Research, where he elucidated issues pertaining to the human sound localization system and developed biomimetic applications. He currently is an applied mathematician at Beyond Genomics, where he conducts data mining and statistical pattern recognition operations and research. He is interested in systems biology with an emphasis on an integrative approach, both in theoretical analysis and in experiments and applications. He draws upon a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, including statistics, systems and control theory, machine learning and signal processing.

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