CDS Lecture Series 1998


Marc J. Madou
Ohio State University

Marc J. Madou is Center for Materials Research (CMR) Scholar at Ohio State University (OSU), and also Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor of Chemistry, Co-director Center for Integrated Sensors and Instruments (CISM) all at OSU, a Principal in Microfabrication Applications, NASA Ames Research Center Associate, and a Visiting Scholar at University of California at Berkeley. He received his Ph.D. in 1978 in Semiconductor Electrochemistry, at the Solid-State Physics Laboratory, Rijksuniversiteit, Ghent, Belgium. Dr. Madou's Research Interests: Semiconductor/liquid and semiconductor/gas interfacial studies; chemical sensors and biosensors; miniaturization methodology and scaling laws; micromachining with thin and thick film technology; electrochemistry of metals, semiconductors and insulators; batteries; solar cells; impedance measurements; acoustic sensors and sensor arrays combined with analytical instruments; polymeric actuators; continuous manufacturing methodology for biomedical sensors; fluidics; AFM/STM in solution. Dr. Marc Madou's application oriented work is in sensor development, especially microfabrication of chemical and biological sensors. These sensors include micromachined medical sensors such as for glucose, urea, blood electrolytes (pH, sodium, potassium, calcium, etc.) and blood gases (O2 and CO2), as well as immuno sensors and breath by breath analyzers. His research in this field also includes bio-telemetric sensors which are in the form of small pills that send diagnostic information out from within the living body. Dr. Marc Madou also works on sensors with industrial applications such as automotive sensors; an oil degradation monitor, a planar amperometric oxygen sensor and an NOx sensor as well as a trace gas analysis system based on a micro-volcano ionization source in an ion mobility chamber. Mechanical type sensors Madou worked on include AFM tips, pressure sensors and accelerometers. Recently Dr. Madou started work in collaboration with NASA Ames on an alternative electronic nose by combining a small smart gas sensor array (a set of chemiresistors on a Flexural Plate Wave Devices) with a modified and simplified gas chromatograph. From a more fundamental point of view Dr. Madou is interested in applying micromachining to explore new physics and chemistry by working with micromachined devices where macro physical laws break down. He is currently testing some of his ideas in this area in gas-electrochemistry and sono-voltammetry. Beyond searching for non-linear effects through micromachining Dr. Madou is also working towards smart materials including an attempt to make artificial muscle by combining micromachining in Si with actuator polymers. More information may be obtained by following links from Dr. Madou's website.

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