NSL Matlab Toolbox: 

This toolbox is a Matlab implementation of NSL Auditory Model. Using the toolbox, you can obtain the representation of sound at different stages of the auditory pathway, from early auditory processing up to the cortical representation. You can modify the representation at each stage and reconstruct the corresponding sound. Both brief and detail documentation are available. Also, a Graphical User Interface is specifically designed to ease the use of the toolbox.

HRTF Database:

A database of  the HRTF's (Head Related Transfer Function) of seven subjects is available here. Description of the files is available (readme.txt). For an associated publication, please refer to the following paper: Grassi et. al., "Measurement of HRTF's based on Empirical Transfer Function Estimates" ICAD, 2003.

EDDS Array Drive:

An open-source electrode drive for microelectrode arrays.


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Last updated: August 21, 2012

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