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Dr. Hadar Ben-Yoav is conducting research with Reza Ghodssi on the development of microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices for biomolecules detection. Some of his work is aimed at developing new biosensing approaches and devices for biomedical diagnostics applications. Other aspects of his work are focused on new nano-biofabrication technologies for biosensing applications.

Dr. Yi Cheng is conducting research with Gary Rubloff on the synthesis, integration, and evaluation of nanostructures. Some of his work is aimed at advancing the bioMEMS technologies for biomolecular reactions, sensing, and metabolic engineering. Other aspects of his work is addressing new opportunities in nanostructures for energy applications, electrical energy storage, and/or solar cell nanodevices.

Dr. Stephen David is conducting research with Shihab Shamma on auditory computations, participating in the development of the Neural Systems Lab’s custom data acquisition software and physiology database, and assisting with surgeries on animals.

Dr. Markus Gnerlich is working with ISR Director Reza Ghodssi. His Ph.D. work was in BioMEMS actuators and sensors for measuring the mechanical compliance of living bioligical cells. At ISR his research will be focused on the development of next-generation high-power supercapacitor that will be integrated in flexible microsystems. He will use the Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) as a template for the synthesis of core/shell nanocomposite active materials together with the standard micromachining techniques to fabricate three-dimensional hierarchical electrodes with high surface area.

Dr. Daniel Hertz is conducting research with Jonathan Simon through the Department of Biology. He is working on auditory processing in human listeners, using magnetoencephalo-graphy.

Dr. Nima Mesgarani is conducting research with Shihab Shamma on speech detection and enhancement and voice identification.

Dr. Ekaterina A. Pomerantseva is conducting research with Professor Reza Ghodssi on developing PowerMEMS devices including nanostructured biotemplated three-dimensional microbatteries and a platform for in situ measurements of lithiation induced structural changes in battery electrodes.

Dr. Ashley Predith is working with Gary Rubloff and other researchers involved with the Energy Frontier Research Center. She will support the research and scientific activities of the EFRC, assist with strategizing future directions of the research and efforts to secure additional funding, and write/publish articles about energy technology and materials science.

Dr. Petr Svec is conducting research with S.K. Gupta through a Mechanical Engineering Department appointment. He is working on development of planning framework for virtual assembly and unmanned vehicles.

Dr. Daniel Winkowski is conducting research with Shihab Shamma on sounds processing in the auditory cortex.

Dr. Ping-Bo Yin is conducting researech with Shihab Shamma and Jonathan Fritz on the auditory cortex in the behaving ferret.

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