Campus-wide requirements and resources

UMD COVID-19 Dashboard

The UMD COVID-19 Dashboard is regularly updated with info on UMD's testing rate, positivity on campus, number of cases, etc.

Latest developments regarding UMD's status lists UMD's most current pandemic health and safety guidelines. While on campus, everyone must follow the necessary safety guidelines, including physical distancing, frequent hand washing, disinfecting office and lab spaces, and wearing a face masks at all times in public areas and labs.

Requirements for on-campus work contains information for those working on campus. UMD frequently evolves the requirements, so check it often. It contains:

  • Rundown of the current requirements for working on campus
  • Link to the daily self-reporting page
  • Information about on-campus COVID-19 testing and how to document test results done off-campus
  • Link to view available COVID-19 testing dates and schedule your appointments.

Your personal dashboard shows your status in meeting return-to-campus requirements. It includes:

  • a log of your reported recent COVID-19 test results
  • a record of whether you have watched the mandatory training video and agreed to the on-campus conduct pledge
  • your status in completing the daily symptom checklist for each of the past 14 days

You must think ahead.

Testing for COVID-19

The UMD COVID-19 testing information site contains general information and FAQs.

Confused? Contact UMD with your questions

Send your questions to

Zoom security measures

All Zoom sessions require a waiting room. Participants who log into a UMD-hosted Zoom session using a UMD Zoom account will bypass the waiting room. Individuals who do not use a UMD account will be placed in the waiting room and will only have access to the session after being admitted by the host. Students are expected to sign in with their UMD account for all classes. Instructors are strongly discouraged from admitting attendees from the waiting room (even if a name looks like a student in your class), since this can result in Zoom bombing. This change is intended to decrease disruption of virtual classes and campus events.

Always log into Zoom using your UMD credentials and not a personal Zoom account.

You will be able to maintain control of your meeting security selections, and you will be able to invite external collaborators (anyone who does not have a UMD Directory ID and password). If you plan to invite external collaborators, adjust your meeting settings by following these instructions.

Learn more at DIT
Security Settings for Zoom Meetings
Assistance with Zoom or other UMD IT services

Reporting bias incidents

You can report a bias incident (on Zoom or otherwise) and a Bias Incident Support Services staff member will contact you within 48 hours for ongoing support.

Report a bias incident
Bias incident reporting protocol—procedures, available resources, and possible outcomes

Customize your reminder notices

You can choose to receive the daily email reminder for checking in regarding COVID-19 symptoms seven days a week rather or just Monday through Friday. You also can completely opt out of daily reminders. Customize your daily email reminders here.

A voluntary registry of close contacts

UMD has developed a voluntary way for students, faculty, staff, and affiliates to provide the names and contact information of UMD close contacts. This platform can aid in early contact identification should someone test positive for COVID-19. Close contacts are individuals who you interact with regularly in-person. This system is optional and not required. Identify up to five close contacts here.

ISR-specific information

The A.V. Williams Bldg. is open 7 am to 10 pm on weekdays.

If you also need card-swipe access, note that access to the AV Williams Building was removed by campus security in March. If you have not been on campus since March, you will need to send an email with your request to regain card swipe access.

Send your request to:

Faculty who plan on opening their labs. If your lab has not been approved to re-open, you must request approval through the JIRA system. Once approved, on campus research for the personnel you have listed will be permitted.

Please submit your plan through this link: JIRA Submission

Faculty who already have Phase I approval for on-campus research: We request all labs to update their existing plan and resubmit for approval to continue on-campus research activities. If you have already submitted your plan through JIRA, you should have received an email from JIRA with instructions on how to update and resubmit your plan. Revised plans were due by August 31.

If you need additional assistance or have questions, contact Dr. Jelena Srebric, Acting Associate Dean for Research at:

The business office staff will continue to work both on-campus and remotely. Staff members will be working in teams, rotating one week in the office and two weeks remotely. Please continue to contact staff through email, Zoom or telephone numbers. In-person meetings are available as needed and should be arranged directly with each individual.         

For the sake of everyone’s health and safety, please do not drop by staff offices without prior coordination. During in-person meetings, please ensure consistent use of masks and social distancing.

We will follow the protocol established by the university to:

  • Reduce face-to-face interactions by the use of electronic documentation
  • Contactless delivery and pickup of orders
  • Appointment scheduling as needed

The Business Office Room 2164 will be available for package and mail pickup and use of printers, copiers and fax. Please note the social distancing requirements of the university and the notices on the ISR business doors. Only one person at a time is allowed in Room 2164.

We will stock the business office room with supplies and cleaning products. We ask that after using office machines (copier, printer, fax machine, or other equipment) you use wipes and spray cleansers to wipe down the machines and dispose of the used products in the trash bins.

If you need extended time in 2164 to use the office equipment or for other services, please send a request by email to: to arrange a convenient time.

If you need office supplies, please send an email and a staff member will make arrangements to get these items to you. Please send your email to:

Activate Access to Rooms with UID cards and/or Request Office Keys

To activate your UID card for access to AV Williams or a lab, please complete the UID Request Form. Students will need approval from their advisor or lab director. Once completed, the form can be emailed to: You will receive an email notification once your request is received and another email when it is processed.

For office key request, please complete the Key Request Form. Students will need approval from their advisor. Once completed, the form can be emailed to: You will receive an email notification once your request is received and another email when it is processed.

ISR Kitchen

The kitchen will remain closed for safety reasons to adhere to the university’s safety protocol during the pandemic and CDC guidelines to reduce transmission in high traffic areas. Employees should bring supplies as needed for each day you will be on campus. Avoid bringing perishable foods and goods during this time. More information will be provided during the academic term.

Conference Rooms

Following the UMD Safety Practices Guidelines for postponing non-essential meetings and events, the ISR conference rooms will remain closed. Additional information will be provided during the academic term on the re-opening of the conference rooms for meetings.

ISR has procured cleaning supplies through the UMD Digital Storefront and the Engineering Department’s procurement purchasing consortium. We have limited stock available for labs including hand sanitizer, paper towels, paper masks, and disinfectant spray. If you are in need of these supplies, please send an email to: We will monitor requests for supplies. Cleaning supplies are for ISR lab use only and not for home use.

Lab managers can place orders directly with campus by signing up at the Printing Services website. Orders should be placed for quantities most urgently needed as supplies are limited. Curbside delivery is available.

The business office staff will be picking up packages at the Distribution Center and the Amazon Locker on Wednesdays and/or Fridays. Packages will be labeled and notifications sent by email to faculty, students and staff. The packages can be picked up at the business office, Room 2164.

Please continue to send procurement orders to the ticketing system by email to: We will provide you with an email confirmation when your request is received, approved, processed and ready for delivery.

During the coronavirus pandemic, university related out-of-state travel and international travel is not permitted and will not be reimbursed by UMD. Out-of-state travel related to regular commute to and from work is permitted.

Travel Reimbursements

For reimbursement of travel already completed, please access the ELF system to attest/sign your travel reimbursement request. Then, scan a copy of your travel expense reimbursement and supporting documentation and send to:

If you do not have access to ELF, you may request access by sending an email to: Please keep original copies of your documents with wet signatures to provide to the business office once we return to normal schedules.

If you have a question that is not answered on this page

If you need additional information about the return to campus or questions about ISR operations, please contact Ally Delgado (