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Professional degrees and certificates in systems engineering

Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering (MEngSE)

The Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering (MEngSE) is a 30-credit degree (usually 10 courses) administered by the Clark School's Office of Advanced Engineering Education.

The curriculum consists of six core courses that focus on systems engineering processes and methods. Students also select specialty engineering areas and take four elective courses.

The core processes and methods courses emphasize a model-based systems engineering approach that includes developing and using SysML models and mathematical models and simulations, and using multi-objective trade-off analysis and optimization techniques.

For their specialty area, students may elect to take courses leading to a Certificate in Aerospace Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cybersecurity, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Fire Protection, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management, Reliability Engineering, Robotics, Software Engineering, Sustainable Energy, or Transportation Systems. Students interested in this approach should consult the “Courses-Certificate” tab associated with domain of interest.

Alternatively, students may define their own specialty focus with the approval of the Graduate Director. Some possibilities include Information Technology, Network Communications and Enterprise Systems.

Learn more about the MEngSE degree at the Office of Advanced Engineering Education website.

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Admission to the Master of Engineering program

Graduate Certificate in Engineering in Systems Engineering

The Graduate Certificate in Engineering in Systems Engineering requires the completion of four of the core systems engineering courses.

Learn more about this certificate at the Office of Advanced Engineering website.


John MacCarthy
Director, Systems Engineering Education Program
The Institute for Systems Research
2175 A.V. Williams Building
Phone: 301.405.4419

Information about the Director of the Systems Engineering Education Program