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New student information

Directory ID and Email Account

Before being able to access most online resources at the University, you must establish a university directory ID and associated password. This ID will also serve as your university email account. International students may locate their ID by logging back into their graduate application ASF and clicking on "Verify Contact Information."

Course Registration

Over the summer, you should begin thinking about what classes you would like to take in your first semester. The Director of Systems Engineering Education can help you choose your classes. Note that the standard full-time graduate student load is 9 credits per semester.

You can view the schedule of classes and register online at Testudo. You will need a directory ID and password (see above) to register for courses. Also, please be aware of the Registrar's deadlines for graduate students. You may be financially liable if you drop a course after the first day of classes without simultaneously adding a course of equal credit hours, even if you have tuition remission.

General Graduate School information

All graduate students should make themselves aware of the Graduate School’s students website. This site provides information on deadlines, forms, funding, registration and enrollment, and information of particular interest to new students and international students.