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MSSE student videos

Learn more about the MSSE program experience from our students.
You can also see all the videos on ISR's YouTube channel.

Why choose the MSSE degree?

Learn why Matt selected the MSSE program.

Dimitris talks about his background and why he chose the MSSE degree.

Here's Matt, talking about his background prior to entering the program.

The MSSE curriculum

What's the curriculum like? Dimitris explains.

Matt talks about the courses he took in the program.



What skills will you gain in the MSSE program?

Dimitris explains how the MSSE program taught him problem solving and cutting-edge, model-based systems engineering skills.

Research opportunities in the MSSE program

Matt talks about the research he conducted as an MSSE student.

Summer internships for MSSE students

MSSE alumnae Parastoo Delgoshaei talks about the program and her summer internships at Agilent Technologies and NIST.

A summer internship at General Motors was part of Dimitris' experience as an MSSE student.

David Daily talks about his internship at NIST, and about making the transition from undergraduate to graduate student at the University of Maryland.

Greetings in different languages!

[Greek] Dimitris

[Hindi] Apurv

[Mandarin] Carina