FPE SPECIAL SEMINAR: A Scientific Approach to Mitigate Fire Risk of Industrial Facilities

Friday, November 16, 2018
10:00 a.m.
3106 J.M. Patterson Bldg., Fire and Risk Alliance Conference Room
Peter Sunderland

Speaker: Yi Wang (Ph.D. UMD '05), Staff VP @ FM Global

Title: A Scientific Approach to Mitigate Fire Risk of Industrial Facilities


Industry is continuously evolving, and so is the fire hazard associated with it. FM Global uses science-based engineering approach to evaluate and mitigate the fire risk for its insured industrial clients. This presentation reviews the research work at FM Global that builds the next generation of tools for fire protection engineers: the fundamental components of a modern fire model FireFOAM and its applications. An experiment and modeling combined problem-solving method will be highlighted. Also covered in the talk is recent research that leads to a robust testing method to prevent catastrophic high-rise building façade fires, a current hot topic in the fire protection community after the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Through research examples, FPE students will be exposed to the knowledge and skills needed for the technical challenges in the future fire protection engineering career.


Dr. Yi Wang, a UMD alumnus, obtained his Ph.D degree in Mechanical Engineering, focusing in Fire Protection Engineering in 2005. After graduation, he led the development of a fire modeling code – FireFOAM. Currently, Dr. Wang is the Staff Vice President of FM Global, and the manager of the Fire Dynamics group, overseeing the research activities of material flammability, fire dynamics and testing, as well as CFD fire modeling. Dr. Wang serves on the editorial boards of Fire Safety Journal, Fire Technology, and Fire and Materials. He is also a committee member of the International Association of Fire Safety Science (IAFSS). The evening before this seminar he will be inducted into Salamander, the FPE honor society.

Audience: Public 


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