Improve your science communication: Better PowerPoint presentations

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
1:00 p.m.
Kim 1107
Martha Heil

Can you present your work at a conference or in a meeting in an easy yet professional way? Does your presentation help you keep track of time and make sure you cover everything you mean to say?

This workshop will teach you how to improve the style of your presentations. It will show you how to use fonts and colors to your advantage, ways to organize your presentation, and do’s and don'ts for successful presentations. We’ll critique slides together as a group and discuss our own best practices.

Martha Heil is the science communicator for the Maryland Nanocenter, two labs for creating and studying objects a thousand times smaller than a human hair. She is the editor for media and news for the Reports of the National Center for Science Education, She previously worked as news director at the Associations for Psychological Science and the American Bar Association; and as a managing editor for Inside Science News Service, a project of the American Institute of Physics. She has an MA from NYU’s Science and Environmental Reporting Program.


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