ChBE Special Seminar: An Insiders View of Nature Journals

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
11:00 a.m.
Rm 1116 Brendan Iribe Center, UMD College Park
Chunsheng Wang

Speaker: Alberto Moscatelli, Ph.D., Senior Editor, Nature Nanotechnology

Title:  An Insider’s View of Nature Journals


In this talk, Dr. Moscatelli will explain the editorial process in the Nature Research journals -- what editors look for in a submitted manuscript, how decisions are made, how they choose reviewers -- and the added value that full time editors provide. He will then explain the effort made towards publishlishing relevant papers in the applied sciences at Nature Nanotechnology. Finally, he will focus on the hierarchy and the relationship among the Nature-branded journals, and the manuscript transfer system.


Dr. Moscatelli has a first degree in environmental sciences from the University of Urbino in Italy and obtained a PhD in chemistry, with distinction, from Columbia University in 2008. During his PhD he studied reactive intermediates of photochemical reactions in nanoconfined spaces. He then went to Carnegie Mellon University for a postdoc where he studied the photophysical properties of fluorescent polymers used in organic LEDs. After a short stint back at Columbia, he joined Nature Research in October 2010. He has worked at Nature Nanotechnology since March 2012 and is based in Berlin.

Audience: Campus 

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