From Mechanical Engineering to Patent Law: A Changed Paradigm in Championing Innovation

Thursday, March 4, 2021
5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Zoom, link provided upon registration
Rachael Bennett
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Are you earning an engineering degree but wondering if there are careers to pursue that seem a little outside of the box? Join Laleh Jalali, BSME '89, Co-Founder, Director, Principal, and Senior Patent Attorney for Alliance IP, during her Whiting-Turner lecture to hear what she gets to do each day as a patent attorney, the why behind her choice to study engineering, and further behind her choice to become a patent attorney.  She will address the impact on commerce of our patent laws, including helping companies obtain a monopoly on their innovation; spurring healthy competition and collaboration in the marketplace; increasing the valuation of a company by virtue of its intellectual property assets; and creating bargaining leverage with potential investors or lenders where applicable.  Jalali will address some of the ways in which technical experts and good counsel can team up to help deter possible infringers, and importantly to ensure that no strategic technology and no strategic geography is “left on the shelf” in terms of intellectual property protection.  She will close by addressing whether and how her career choice as a patent attorney addressed the original reasons that spurred me to choose my current career, including, importantly, where she was surprised.

Join us for this special Whiting-Turner Business & Entrepreneurial Lecture Series in partnership with Women In Engineering.

Guest Speaker:

Laleh Jalali has over 27 years of experience as a U.S. patent attorney, including guiding clients from Fortune 100 companies to startups on the strategic direction of their patent portfolios.  Laleh has enjoyed working closely with technical experts and business units to devise and implement successful offensive and defensive patent strategies, patent monetization efforts, patent due diligence analyses involving patent sales, mergers and acquisitions, patent licensing, and patent harvesting and mining campaigns.   Laleh has further helped to engender critical IP-centric cultures in business units of clients large and small, including training and collaborating with numerous engineering teams on best practices regarding the generation of robust and effective invention disclosures that have led to the creation of many valuable and marketable patent assets for those clients.  Laleh’s technical focus has spanned an array of areas in the software, computer, electrical and mechanical arts including a familiarity with disciplines such as wireless standards (LTE, 5G (NR), WiFi, mmWave, wireless power, to name a few), wireless circuits, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, cryptography, edge networking and application including cloud network optimization algorithms, 3D memory devices including 3D memory device fabrication and control circuitries, Internet-Of-Things, data center, computer hardware and software including computer architecture, semiconductor technologies such transistor process flow and packaging, and medical devices. 

Laleh founded Alliance IP, LLC, her current firm, in 2017, where she serves on the Board of Directors, with over thirteen years of patent prosecution experience at well-respected law firms including in the U.S. and in Germany, and with twelve years of experience as in-house senior counsel of a large multi-national high-tech corporation. 

Laleh has provided much needed pro-bono legal services to communities in need through the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program and Bread for the City, including advising clients on issues relating to bankruptcy, real estate, family law, and personal injury.

Laleh considers her biggest career achievement in her decades-long career to be the making of lifelong friends throughout her journey by virtue of having been an advocate to some of the most brilliant minds in technology.  For this, Laleh considers herself humbled and deeply grateful.

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