Workshop on New Frontiers in Networked Dynamical Systems: Assured Learning, Communication & Control

Friday, October 13, 2023
9:00 a.m.
1101 Clark Hall (Zupnick Forum)

This two-day workshop (Oct. 13-14), preceded by a welcome reception the evening of Oct. 12, will explore new frontiers in modeling, learning and control of interconnected dynamical systems comprising humans, machines, and physical infrastructures. Visit the workshop website.

With the advent of ubiquitous connectivity, large-scale data collection, and the remarkable successes of data-driven artificial intelligence in recent years, we have come to a turning point. The time is ripe to consider how advanced data-driven AI technology will impact networked dynamical systems involving both human and machine agents together with physical infrastructure.

The workshop will involve experts and leaders from academia, government and industry, and will comprise invited talks, panel discussions, and brainstorming sessions. Key questions will revolve around assured learning, communication, and control of large-scale highly-interconnected dynamical systems, and safe and effective design and operation of hybrid human-cyber-physical systems. Striking the right balance between data-driven innovations and systematic design will also be an important part of the conversation. These topics are highly relevant for NSF and ARO programs and initiatives in the broad area of AI-enabled systems.  The symposium aims to develop consensus on promising research directions in trustworthy learning methods and foundational science to guide the design of complex cyber-physical systems involving both humans and machines.

The outcomes of the symposium will help inform government and industry stewards/stakeholders about key future directions and grand challenges in this important area that will directly impact the nation's competitiveness and security in the coming decades.

If you are interested in participating in the program, please contact Xiaobo Tan for technical program questions.

If you have general questions about the event, contact Mingyan Liu or Nikos Sidiropoulos

How to attend

This event is free of charge, but capacity is limited at the venue and registration is required. Please register as soon as you know you plan to attend. The organizers reserve the right to cap registration once the capacity limit is reached. Register here


This workshop is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the Army Research Office, the Institute for Systems Research, and the Clark School of Engineering.

Visit the workshop website.

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