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ME Seminar: Christopher Kube "Nonlinear Elastodynamic Waves in Anisotropic and Heterogenous Solids"
Friday, August 11, 2017
11:00 a.m.
1179 Martin Hall, CEE Conference Room
For More Information:
Georgia Wood
301 405 6440

Christopher Kube, Ph.D.
Ultrasonics and Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer
United States Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

"Nonlinear Elastrodynamic Waves in Anisotropic and Heterogeneous Solids"

Abstract:It is well known that nonlinearity plays an important role in many realistic dynamic systems. However, the technical challenges inherent to accounting for nonlinearity is not viewed as worthwhile for many scientists and engineers, especially when the nonlinearity can be safely assumed to be weak. Alternatively, an open mind to nonlinearity offers the scientist with many opportunities to uncover a variety of new physical phenomena. It is the goal of this seminar to encourage new and continuing investigations of nonlinearity in dynamic systems. To this end, the seminar will highlight recent investigations and findings of elastodynamic wave propagation in nonlinear elastic materials. Traditional topics and associated applications involving acoustoelasticity, wave mixing, nonlinear resonant ultrasound spectroscopy (NRUS), and harmonic generation will be briefly addressed. Specific recent advances in modeling wave propagation in nonlinear elastic solids will be described in depth. The first model solves the nonlinear wave equation for generally anisotropic elastic solids. General quadratic and cubic nonlinearity parameters are highlighted, which govern the growth of harmonics. The second model considers spatial-dependence or heterogeneity in the nonlinear elastic moduli. For this case, solutions to the nonlinear wave equation are formulated using scattering theory. Discussion of present and future applications of nonlinear wave propagation will follow.

Link to flyer [PDF].

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