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ECE Names 2018-2019 Distinguished Dissertation Fellows

Three electrical and computer engineering Ph.D. students were selected as ECE Distinguished Dissertation Fellows for 2018-19.    More»

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Solar evaporator offers a fresh route to fresh water

A self-cleaning device made of wood aims to make small-scale desalination more practical.    More»

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Professor: Snow melt drives not only spring flooding, but summer droughts

"In many respects, the hydrologic cycle is accelerating," notes UMD's Barton Forman.    More»

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Algorithms and Autonomous Discovery

Professor Ichiro Takeuchi uses machine learning to help develop new magnetic materials.    More»

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Machine Learning's Translational Medicine

Axel Krieger, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, specializes in medical robotics and computer vision.    More»

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Espy-Wilson Honored at UMD’s First to ADVANCE Celebration

Professor Carol Espy-Wilson is a trailblazer as the first African American woman, and African American, to receive tenure and be promoted to Full Professor in the ECE Department.    More»

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Timothy J. Regan to deliver Kirlin/Whiting-Turner Lecture on April 18

Timothy J. Regan, president and CEO of Whiting-Turner, will share insights gained during his career.    More»

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Former ISR Visiting Scientist Takeo Yokoyama stops in

'Tax' is now chief engineer for Honda Racing Corp.    More»

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Measuring Change in the Atmosphere

Akua Asa-Awuku strives to understand the molecular components of the atmosphere that exist at the ultrasmall nanoscale.    More»

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Engineering a Testudo

Testudo became the official mascot of UMD in 1932, and engineering students played a critical role in shaping the prominence of Testudo on campus.    More»

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Ye, Barg win IEEE Data Storage Best Paper Award

The paper was published in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, and was part of Ye's doctoral thesis.    More»

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Yuntao Liu receives Wylie Dissertation Fellowship

Liu’s research focus is hardware security, especially the security of deep learning hardware.    More»

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Elisabeth Smela one of five honored with Campus Women of Influence Award

Recipients have contributed to improving the quality of women's lives.    More»

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Realistic simulator improves safety of self-driving vehicles before road testing

Data-driven tech combines photos, videos, real-world trajectory, and behavioral info into autonomous driving simulator.    More»

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The Buddy System: Human-Computer Teams

The combination of a human facial recognition expert teamed with a computer running ML analyses of facial image data provides the most accurate facial identification.    More»



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