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Students present final projects for 2014 NSF Microrobotics REU

Congratulations to the 2014 summer NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates class in Research Opportunities in Miniature Robotics. The program was led by Associate Professor Sarah Bergbreiter.

This year's students, and their affiliations, are: Benjamin Levy-Wendt (Seattle University); Jackie Ong (Harvey Mudd College); Rachel Gehlhar (University of St. Thomas); Alex Quijano (East Tennessee State University); James Tigue (University of Idaho); Alex McIntosh (College of Saint Benedict & Saint Johns University); Alyssa Lerner (Yeshiva University); Justin Yim (University of Pennsylvania); David McPherson (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga); Victoria Wu (University of Missouri-Kansas City); Greg Vance (Connecticut College).

As you can see, in addition to conducting some pretty intensive research this summer, the students also had a great time and made some lasting friendships!

Here’s a list of the 2014 projects, students, mentors, and faculty advisors.

Experimental Platform for the Development of Magnetically Actuated Walkers
Student: Greg Vance, Mentor: Ryan St. Pierre, Advisor: Sarah Bergbreiter

Precise Yaw Rotation and Stabilization using Closed Loop Control of Inertial Tail Actuators
Student: David McPherson, Mentor: Ivan Penskiy, Advisor: Sarah Bergbretier

Compliant Robotic Skin
Student: James Tigue, Mentor: Oleg Popkov, Advisors: Hugh Bruck and Elisabeth Smela

Quadrapedal Amphibious Robot Leg Design for Swimming
Student: Alex Quijano, Mentor: Andrew Vogel, Advisor: Hugh Bruck and S.K. Gupta

Extending the Flight Time of Robo Raven III
Student: Rachel Gelhar, Mentor: Ariel Perez-Rosado, Advisor: Hugh Bruck

Modelling the Coupled Ear of the Ormia Fly
Student: Alex McIntosh, Mentor: Haijun Liu, Advisor: Miao Yu

Pose Tracking in 6DOF with ARToolkit
Student: Victoria Wu, Mentor: Chris Carlsen, Advisor: Dave Akin

Air Bearing Carriage for Simulation of Space-Like Conditions in Robotic Manipulator Testing
Student: Alyssa Lerner, Mentor: Katie McBryan, Chris Carlsen, Advisor: Dave Akin

Aerial Gripping and Retrieval Mechanisms for Quadrotors
Student: Ben Levy-Wendt, Mentor: Matt Bahnsen, Advisor: Nuno Martins

Developing a PID Control Stabilization Algorithm for Fully Autonomous and Spatially Aware Quadrotors
Student: Jackie Ong, Mentor: Matt Bahnsen, Advisor: Nuno Martins

A Mosquito-Inspired Pursuit Law on Holonomic Hovercrafts
Student: Justin Yim, Mentor: Daigo Shishika, Advisor: Derek Paley

In addition, students from the CAAR REU joined the final presentation event and presented the following projects:

Identifying Patterns in Data Graphs
Students: Prayals Timalsina and Daliel Pareja, Advisor: Louiqa Raschid

Password Cracking
Students: Christine Evangelista, Aaron Lowe, Jordan Schnider, Lynesia Taylor, Ellen Vitercik, Advisor: Jon Katz

Ramsey Games
Students Annie Lu, Eric Weaver, Natalie Wilkinson, Advisors: Bill Gasarch and Clyde Kruskal

A Modern Look at Fundamental Cryptography
Student: Naomi Becker, Advisor: Bill Gasarch

Approximation and Online Algorithms for Busy Time Scheduling
Students: Frederic Koehler and Chunxing Yin, Advisor: Samir Khuller

Encrypting Data for Web Applications
Student: Jassiem Ifill, Advisor: Elaine Shi

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August 10, 2014

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