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Pines Receives UMD President's Medal

The President's Medal is the highest honor the university community can bestow.    More»

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Sennur Ulukus receives NSF grant to address important data-related medical device issue

When implanted medical devices transmit and process data, they can generate heat detrimental to body tissues.    More»

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NSF grant for Ghodssi, Bentley furthers research of flexible devices to combat biofilms

The researchers will combine applied microbiology with engineering disciplines to explore the complex interactions between flexible sensors, bacterial biofilms, and bioelectric treatment.    More»

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Oct. 4 event features Michele Gelfand, research colleague of Dana Nau

Gelfand will talk with Thomas Friedman about her book on tight and loose cultures.    More»

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Fermuller, Shamma, Etienne-Cummings receive NSF grant for 'Research Coordination Network'

The network will advance understanding of how biological systems learn complex symbolic signals, and create artificial systems with similar capabilities.    More»



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