Jeffrey Herrmann

Funding Agency

Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MTech)




This one-year Maryland Industrial Partnerships contract will conduct applied research to enhance the IcyRoad application created by SpringGem Weather Information. An IcyRoad user can deploy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones) that carry hyperspectral cameras to capture visible and near-infrared spectral reflectance from roadways; the IcyRoad system processes data from these UAVs to determine whether black ice is present on a roadway.  This MIPS project will develop and implement an innovative algorithm that constructs routes for a fleet of UAVs based on current weather conditions so that the UAVs visit and measure designated road segments.  In addition to considering the distinctive features of this routing problem, the algorithm will use weather data (such as wind speed, wind direction, surface temperature, rainfall, clouds, and humidity) that SpringGem can provide to generate routes that maximize the routing effectiveness and information that the UAVs can obtain.