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Controlled electrochemical deposition of polysaccharide films and hydrogels, and materials formed therefrom


A method is provided for electrochemically depositing a polysaccharide mass having a selected physical state. According to an embodiment, an electrically conductive support of a substrate is contacted with an aqueous solution including a selectively insolubilizable polysaccharide, and the selectively insolubilizable polysaccharide is electrochemically deposited on the electrically conductive support while controlling deposition conditions to form the polysaccharide mass having the selected physical state, such as that of a hydrogel. Deposition may be performed in a spatially and/or temporally controlled manner.


Gregory Payne
William Bentley
Hyunmin Yi
Rohan Fernandes
Tianhong Chen
David Small
Li-Qun Wu

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