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System and Method for Optical Processing Based on Light-Controlled Photon Tunneling


A system for optical processing based on light-controlled photon tunneling is provided. The system includes a prism having a metallic film layer formed on an upper surface thereof. The metallic film layer has a microscopic aperture formed therethrough and the microscopic aperture is covered by a layer of non-linear optical film. A first light beam is projected towards aperture and photons from first light beam tunnel through aperture. A second light beam is also projected towards microscopic aperture, with the second light beam having a different wavelength than that of light beam. Selective actuation and modulation of light beam allows for selective control over the rate and intensity of the photons which tunnel through microscopic aperture. The intensity of transmission of the photons from light beam are measured by optical fiber tip, thus allowing for the creation of optical gates, switches, and other optical processing devices.


Igor Smolyaninov
Abatoly Zayats

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