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Fabrication and Integration of Polymeric BioMEMS


A micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device is provided, along with means for its fabrication and operation for microfluidic and/or biomicrofluidic applications. The MEMS device includes a substrate, optional electrodes on the substrate, a patterned structure on the substrate, the patterned structure having a fluidic microchannel aligned with one or more of the optional electrodes, an encapsulation membrane covering the microchannel, and an optional reactive layer deposited over the electrode in the microchannel. MEMS devices of preferred embodiments permit a leak-tight seal to be formed around the microchannel and fluidic interconnects established for robust operation of fluidics-based processes. MEMS devices of other preferred embodiments permit reversible attachment and separation of the encapsulation membrane relative to the patterned structure.


Jung Jin Park
Mark Kastantin
Sheng Li
Li-Qun Wu
Hyunmin Yi
Theresa Valentine

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