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ARO MURI: Information Engines: Nanoscale Control, Computing and Communication out of Equilibrium

Christopher Jarzynski (Chem-Biochem/IPST)
James Crutchfield, University of California, Davis
Gavin Crooks, University of California, Berkeley
Michael DeWeese, University of California, Berkeley
Henry Hess, Columbia University

Funding Agency 

Army Research Office


Professor P. S. Krishnaprasad (ECE/ISR) and Professor Christopher Jarzynski (Chem-Biochem/IPST) are part of a new Army Research Office Multi-University Research Initiative (MURI) grant, "Information Engines: Nanoscale Control, Computing and Communication out of Equilibrium." The five-year award was recently announced by the Department of Defense.

Drawing on four distinct perspectives--computational mechanics, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, control theory, and nanoscale experiments--this project will investigate fundamental principles and algorithms for the creation of synthetic nanosystems that are able to gather, store, and manipulate information while immersed in a thermally noisy environment. Such capabilities appear to be a basis for achieving directed nanoscale flows of matter and energy. The team's research is also expected to yield insights into bio-molecular complexes with similar functionality.