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Parking at ISR

AV_WilliamsISR is located in the A.V. Williams Building (see photo at right) on Paint Branch Drive in the northeast quadrant of the University of Maryland campus.





parking_lotPaint Branch Drive Visitor Parking Lot

Visitors may park in the Paint Branch Drive Visitor Parking Lot at the corner of Paint Branch and Stadium Drives, diagonally across the street from the A.V. Williams Building. Parking fees are charged from 7:00 a.m.—2:00 a.m. Monday-Friday. Weekends are free. The cost is $3 per hour with a maximum of $15 per day. Payment is made through parking space-specific pay stations, and instructions are posted at the pay stations.


paystationHow to use the pay station

• Note your car's space number before you go to the pay station.
• Press any key to start.
• Enter your vehicle space number.
• Choose your parking option: press "1" for new parking or "2" for adding more time.
• Choose from the following times:

One hour ($3) Two hours ($6) Three hours ($9) Four hours ($12) Daily maximum— Five hours or more ($15 total)

• Payment options include cash, credit cards (Visa, MC & Discover), pay-by-phone, and PIN code validations.
• You will be given an option to print a receipt. Press OK to receive the receipt. You do NOT need to post the receipt on your dashboard.


Helpful driving and parking links

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Campus map
The University of Maryland campus map, particularly the northeast quadrant, will help you find your way to the A.V. Williams Building and the Paint Branch Visitor Parking Lot.

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