Homework Assignment 1

Due : 7pm, October 21, 2002.

Problem Statement

The purpose of this assignment is to simply you started with systems-level modeling using UML.

What to do?

Suppose that you have been asked to "scope out the design" of a human-powered surface transportation vehicle suitable for a three year old child (i.e., a tricycle!).

Your charge is to define: (1) an "operational concept" for what the system will do; and (2) high-level models of system behavior and system structure for how the system will accomplish its purpose.

Develop a use case model for the operational concept:

Develop a web page containing the appropriate use case, activity (and/or sequence) diagrams, and class hierarchy diagrams.

What to hand in

Students in ITV-land can hand in a pencil-and-paper solution. Students at UMD should hand in a printout of their web pages.

Developed in October 2002 by Mark Austin
Copyright © 2002, Institute for Systems Research, University of Maryland