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Software for Improving Mass Dispensing and Vaccination Clinic Operations

This page contains links to web pages where you can download the software that we have developed. All of the software is provided free of charge for use by public health emergency preparedness planners.

Registration: Please send an email to to tell us that you have downloaded the software. Also, please let us know how you found out about the software. We will update you when revisions are available. We will not send you junk email.

Copyright notice: Copyright 2010 University of Maryland and Montgomery County APC. All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: This material was produced under the direction of the Montgomery County, Maryland Advanced Practice Center at Montgomery County, Maryland Department of Health and Human Resources and was supported by Award Number 1H75TP000309-01 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO). Its contents are solely the responsibility of Montgomery County, Maryland Advanced Practice Center and do not necessarily represent the views of CDC or NACCHO.

Alternative Care Site Planning Model

The Alternative Care Site Planning Model is intended to help public health officials evaluate the resources required to staff and equip alternative care sites in multiple scenarios.

Vaccine Allocation Model

The Vaccine Allocation Model is a Microsoft Excel workbook that can determine how many persons in different target groups can receive treatment if the number of vaccinations available is limited.

Clinic Planning Model Generator

The Clinic Planning Model Generator software creates a Microsoft Excel workbook for POD planning.

Consolidated Clinic Planning Model

The Consolidated Clinic Planning Model software organizes, aggregates, and analyzes the results of multiple distinct Clinic Planning Models.


eMedCheck is an electronic medication screening form that can be run on a PDA.

eMedCheck for iOS

eMedCheck for iOS is now available for iOS devices. You can find it online at the iTunes App Store. For help, see the eMedCheck for iOS documentation file (PDF).

eMedCheck 2010 is now available for BlackBerry devices. Please visit the BlackBerry download page for instructions. (A version for iPods, iPads, and iPhones will be released via the App Store - please stay tuned; in the meantime, view a preview.)

Clinic Surge Planning Model

The Clinic Surge Planning Model is specifically designed for short-duration, high-volume clinics that have a surge of patients when the clinic opens. A new version (CSPM.2.xls) is now available.


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