FLC Labs Seminar: An overview of the federal budget process

Tuesday, December 12, 2023
1:00 p.m.
Online presentation, free registration required

Federal Labs Consortium Seminar

An overview of the federal budget process for non-budget professionals

Paul Zielinski
Executive Director
Federal Labs Consortium

Online presentation; free registration required. Register here.

Are you a non-budget professional who wants to understand how the federal budget process works and how it relates to tech transfer? Learn about this vital yet complex process at the next FLC webinar, where FLC Executive Director Paul Zielinski will explain the federal budget process and its timeline. Though it may seem daunting, this high-level overview will give you the knowledge to empower you as a tech transfer professional.

The government is currently under a continuing resolution through early 2024. But how is the budget process actually supposed to work and how does this relate to tech transfer? FLC Executive Director Paul Zielinski, will present an overview of the federal budget process and timeline, and how you may be able to use budget information to your advantage as a tech transfer professional. While the budget process is complex, this high-level overview will walk you through the key steps so you can be well informed.

Paul leads the operation of the FLC with the strategic direction of the FLC Executive Board. Before joining the FLC as staff in 2020, Paul served for more than 30 years as a federal manager, engineer and scientist, including work at the Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and on active duty in the US Army. Paul has an MS in engineering and an MBA.

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