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The scope of ISR's interdisciplinary research

ISR faculty conduct research at the forefront of disciplines, and in areas that combine the understanding of multiple disciplines. Our current research emphases include:

Communication systems and networks. Information, coding, theory and security; energy-efficient, wireless, sensor and communication networks; application-driven networks; communication in networked control systems; cross-layer network design and performance analysis; web science and social networks.

Control systems and methodologies. Robotics and robotic network control, control theory, optimization theory, biologically inspired control.

Neuroscience and biology-based technology. Auditory neural signal processing; brain development and plasticity; sensorimotor integration; neuromechanical systems; speech recognition, production and enhancement; neuromorphic-based robotics control and VLSI design; computational neuroscience; biological cell-based sensor systems; signal processing in biological systems.

Micro and nano devices and systems. MEMS sensors and actuators; nanofabrication materials, processes and devices; labs-on-a-chip; small-scale energy generation, storage and harvesting; medical devices and treatments; trust and security for nano-scale devices.



Robotics. Medical robotics; miniature robotics; collaborative, cooperative, networked robotics; robotics for extreme environments; unmanned vehicles.

Design, operations and supply chain management. General and aviation operations research; product realization; supply chain and revenue management; product design.

Model-based systems engineering methodologies. Systems engineering and integration; cyber-physical systems; analysis and control of stochastic systems; Markov decision processes; discrete event and hybrid systems; network optimization and management.

Computing, speech and artificial intelligence. Automated planning; game theory; speech recognition, data visualization, rule-based expert systems and logic programs.


Browse ISR's diverse research

Major research awards to ISR faculty. This page lists major federal government awards to ISR since 1999.

Technical Reports. Close to 1,500 research papers are available from ISR's technical reports archive. The papers span the entire history of ISR. PDF format.

Intellectual property available to license. A database of more than 120 ISR faculty products, including software, available for license.

Patents issued to ISR faculty. A fairly complete listing of patents awarded to ISR faculty since our inception.

Books and software by ISR faculty. Includes links to the publishers.

Research posters. On this page you can review and download PDF and PowerPoint versions of ISR research posters from the past decade of research.