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ALADDIN (1996, 2000) A computational toolkit for engineering matrix and finite element analysis of large engineering structures, particularly building and highway bridge structures. Aladdin views finite element computations as a specialized form of matrix computations, matrices as rectangular arrays of physical quantities, and numbers as dimensionless physical quantities. Mark Austin, Wane-Jang Lin, and Xiaoguang Chen (all ISR)
PaladinRM (2004) Software for visualization and management of system requirements Vimal Mayank, Natasha Shmunis, Mark Austin (all ISR)
Clinic Planning Model Generator (2005, 2006) This software is a decision support tool to help emergency preparedness planners plan clinics that have enough capacity to serve residents quickly while avoiding unnecessary congestion. Mark Treadwell, Jeffrey Herrmann
Systems Now Toolkit (SNOW) (2001) This toolkit supports the creation of sophisticated Java-enabled diagrams and collections of diagrams, without actually knowing Java. Our project goal is to provide educators with an easy-to-use tool for creating and presenting highly interactive, colorful, and text-aided tutorial information on the web. Mark Austin
FSQP Feasible sequential quadratic programming (FSQP) is a set of state-of-the_art tools for constrained nonlinear optimization. André Tits
MWRtools Software for boundary-value problem-based simulations Raymond Adomaitis