Micro & Nanosystems

MEMS sensors and actuators; nanofabrication materials, processes and devices; labs-on-a-chip; small-scale energy generation, storage and harvesting; microsystem medical devices and treatments; trust and security for nano-scale devices.

ISR researchers have developed nanoscale technologies for sensing and manipulation. These systems include biologically inspired cell-based sensors and biological and chemical sensing systems for toxin detection, micro-ball bearing and three-dimensional grayscale microfabrication technologies for microengines, and microfluidic medical devices for detecting and treating biofilms. Our research has contributed to advances in batteries, including a tobacco mosaic virus scaffold battery with high surface area and capacity, high-powered nanostructured 3D microbatteries, and carbon nanotube current collectors for aqueous battery systems.

Recent ISR micro and nanosystems publications


Incomplete ionization in aluminum-doped 4H-silicon carbide

Christopher Darmody and Neil Goldsman

An investigation of the degree of incomplete ionization of aluminum-doped 4H-silicon carbide. The research contributes to the advance of p-type silicon carbide (SiC) technology.

Journal of Applied Physics

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