ISR rooms in A.V. Williams Bldg.

1146 AVW large event room, capacity 50

2168 AVW medium-sized room, capacity 30

2224 AVW small conference room, capacity 10

2103 AVW very small conference room, capacity 5

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Everyone using ISR rooms must abide by these special policies.
View a PDF of the standard configurations for rooms 1146 and 2168 in the A.V. Williams Building. The rooms must be returned to these configurations after your event is over.


ECE rooms in
A.V. Williams Bldg.

2460 AVW large event room, capacity 70

2328 AVW medium board room, capacity 15

2465 AVW (Middleton Library) small board room, capacity 6

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Rooms in other Clark School Buildings

Many buildings within the Clark School of Engineering have conference and seminar rooms available:

A. James Clark Hall
Chemical and Nuclear Engineering
Energy Research Facility
Engineering Lab Building
Manufacturing Building
Glenn L. Martin Hall
Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building

Make reservations for the buildings above at this ClarkNet link


Help page for the reservation system (includes how-to videos)

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