Spring 2018

April 19
Neuroscience from a systems theory and network science perspective
Sergio Pequito
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Fall 2017

(sponsored by United Technologies Research Center)

Oct. 5
The Interplay between Big Data and
Sparsity in System Theory
Mario Sznaier
Northeastern University

Oct. 19
The role of sensors and actuators
in control of Infinite-dimensional systems

Kirsten Morris
University of Waterloo

Nov. 9
Resilient Distributed Inference in Cyber-Physical Systems
Soummya Kar
Carnegie Mellon University

Nov. 17
Model Reduction for Hysteresis Operators
Xiaobo Tan
Michigan State University
(This is also a Model-Based Systems Engineering Colloquium)

Spring 2017

(sponsored by United Technologies Research Center)

Jan. 23
Control under Stochastic Multiplicative Uncertainties
Jie Chen
City University of Hong Kong

Feb. 24
Solving Large Zero-Sum Matrix Games: Randomized and Approximate Algorithms
Shaunak D. Bopardikar
United Technologies Research Center

Fall 2016

(sponsored by United Technologies Research Center)

Oct. 6
Systems and Control Research at United Technologies Research Center
Andrew Sparks
United Technologies Research Center
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Oct. 21
The Game-Theoretic Impacts of Human Decision-Making on Robustness and Security of Systems
Shreyas Sundaram
Purdue University
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Oct. 28
Model-Based Safety Analysis in Cyber-Physical Systems
Ratnesh Kumar
Iowa State University
Note: This lecture is also being given as part of the IEEE Controls System Society Distinguished Lecturer Program and is also affiliated with the IEEE Washigton Section CSS Chapter.
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Nov. 4
Controller Architectures: Tradeoffs between Performance and Complexity
Mihailo Jovanovic
University of Minnesota
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Nov. 18
Graph-Theoretic Convexification of Polynomial Optimization Problems with Applications to Power Systems and Distributed Control
Javad Lavaei
University of California, Berkeley
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Spring 2016

(sponsored by United Technologies Research Center)

April 15
Opportunities and Challenges in Control Systems Arising from Ubiquitous Computation and Communication
João P. Hespanha
University of California, Santa Barbara
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April 25
Cellular Reprogramming and Controllability of Complex Systems
Roger Brockett
An Wang Research Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Harvard University and ISR
* Joint event with the Model-Based Systems Engineering Colloquia series
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Fall 2015

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Sept. 11
Sufficient Statistics for Linear Control Strategies in Decentralized LQG Problems
Ashutosh Nayyar
University of Southern California

Sept. 18
A geometric approach to optimal sensor and actuator placement
Mohamed Ali Belabbas
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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Oct. 9
Compositional Control Synthesis and Verification for Networks
Murat Arcak
University of California, Berkeley
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Oct. 30
Automating the analysis and design of large-scale optimization algorithms
Laurent Lessard

University of Wisconsin
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Nov. 13
Large Deviations and Stochastic Stability in Evolutionary Game Theory
William Sandholm

University of Wisconsin

Nov. 20
Flexible ADMM for Big Data Applications
Rachael Tappenden
Johns Hopkins University
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Dec. 11
Dynamical Analysis and Control Synthesis for Traffic Systems: from Microscopic to Macroscopic
Ketan Savla

University of Southern California
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Spring 2015

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Jan. 23
From Local Network Structure to Global Graph Spectrum
Victor Preciado
University of Pennsylvania

April 10
Optimal Quantization and Quantized Approximations in Stochastic Control
Serdar Yuksel
Queen's University
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April 14
Modeling and Control of Anesthesia
Joao Lemos
Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
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May 1
Coupled Oscillators for Estimation and Control
Prashant Mehta

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Fall 2014

Sept. 12
Formal Methods for Dynamical Systems
Calin Belta
Boston University

Sept. 26
Dynamical models containing stochastic and worst-case interactions with applications to multi-agent systems
Andrew Teel
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara

Spring 2014

Feb. 7
Overview of placement, allocation, scheduling and guidance of actuators and sensors in distributed parameter systems
Michael Demetriou
Worcester Polytechnic Institute