The Control and Dynamical Systems Invited Lecture series was established in 1996. This page provides a listing of the speakers who have contributed to this series, along with their topics. Where available, we provide links to additional information and resources such as videos of the lectures. Please note that this information varies across the life of the series, and that in particular there is more limited information for seminars from 1996–2005.


Sept. 15
Reduction, Enlargement, and Optimal Collective Behavior
P. S. Krishnaprasad
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Institute for Systems Research
University of Maryland

Nov. 17
Variational Principles in Control and the Arrow of Time
Prashant G. Mehta

Coordinated Science Laboratory
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Dec. 8
Adaptive Control and Intersections with Reinforcement Learning
Anuradha Annaswamy
Active-Adaptive Control Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Feb. 19
An Optimization-based Approach to Breaking the Neural Code
Steve Marcus
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Institute for Systems Research
University of Maryland

April 16
Quantifying the Degree of Controllability of a Linear System
Eyad Abed
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Affiliate, Institute for Systems Research
University of Maryland


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Jan. 23
Control under Stochastic Multiplicative Uncertainties
Jie Chen
City University of Hong Kong

Feb. 24
Solving Large Zero-Sum Matrix Games: Randomized and Approximate Algorithms
Shaunak D. Bopardikar
United Technologies Research Center




Oct. 5
The Interplay between Big Data and
Sparsity in System Theory
Mario Sznaier
Northeastern University

Oct. 19
The role of sensors and actuators
in control of Infinite-dimensional systems

Kirsten Morris
University of Waterloo

Nov. 9
Resilient Distributed Inference in Cyber-Physical Systems
Soummya Kar
Carnegie Mellon University

Nov. 17
Model Reduction for Hysteresis Operators
Xiaobo Tan
Michigan State University
(This is also a Model-Based Systems Engineering Colloquium)


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April 15
Opportunities and Challenges in Control Systems Arising from Ubiquitous Computation and Communication
João P. Hespanha
University of California, Santa Barbara
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April 25
Cellular Reprogramming and Controllability of Complex Systems
Roger Brockett
An Wang Research Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Harvard University and ISR
* Joint event with the Model-Based Systems Engineering Colloquia series
| video | slides |

Oct. 6
Systems and Control Research at United Technologies Research Center
Andrew Sparks
United Technologies Research Center
| video |

Oct. 21
The Game-Theoretic Impacts of Human Decision-Making on Robustness and Security of Systems
Shreyas Sundaram
Purdue University
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Oct. 28
Model-Based Safety Analysis in Cyber-Physical Systems
Ratnesh Kumar
Iowa State University
Note: This lecture is also being given as part of the IEEE Controls System Society Distinguished Lecturer Program and is also affiliated with the IEEE Washigton Section CSS Chapter.
| video |

Nov. 4
Controller Architectures: Tradeoffs between Performance and Complexity
Mihailo Jovanovic
University of Minnesota
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Nov. 18
Graph-Theoretic Convexification of Polynomial Optimization Problems with Applications to Power Systems and Distributed Control
Javad Lavaei
University of California, Berkeley
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Jan. 23
From Local Network Structure to Global Graph Spectrum
Victor Preciado
University of Pennsylvania

April 10
Optimal Quantization and Quantized Approximations in Stochastic Control
Serdar Yuksel
Queen's University
| video |

April 14
Modeling and Control of Anesthesia
Joao Lemos
Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
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May 1
Coupled Oscillators for Estimation and Control
Prashant Mehta

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Sept. 11
Sufficient Statistics for Linear Control Strategies in Decentralized LQG Problems
Ashutosh Nayyar
University of Southern California

Sept. 18
A geometric approach to optimal sensor and actuator placement
Mohamed Ali Belabbas
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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Oct. 9
Compositional Control Synthesis and Verification for Networks
Murat Arcak
University of California, Berkeley
| video |

Oct. 30
Automating the analysis and design of large-scale optimization algorithms
Laurent Lessard

University of Wisconsin
| video |

Nov. 13
Large Deviations and Stochastic Stability in Evolutionary Game Theory
William Sandholm

University of Wisconsin

Nov. 20
Flexible ADMM for Big Data Applications
Rachael Tappenden
Johns Hopkins University
| video |

Dec. 11
Dynamical Analysis and Control Synthesis for Traffic Systems: from Microscopic to Macroscopic
Ketan Savla

University of Southern California
| video |


Sept. 26
Dynamical models containing stochastic and worst-case interactions with applications to multi-agent systems
Andrew Teel
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara


Feb. 16
The Interplay of Convexity and Algorithmic Algebra in Optimization and Systems Analysis
Amir Ali Ahmadi
Postdoctoral Researcher
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


March 25
Invariant higher order variational problems
Tudor Ratiu
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne


Feb. 4
Discovering the Language of Surgery: Automatic Gesture Induction for Manipulative Tasks
Sanjeev Khudanpur
The Johns Hopkins University

March 11
Measures of Unobservability
Arthur J. Krener
Naval Postgraduate School

April 8
Inferring the Inter-Individual Interaction Using Empirical Data in Collective Animal Behaviour: The Case of Starlings
Andrea Cavagna
Centre for Statistical Mechanics and Complexity

Oct. 14
Q-Learning and Pontryagin's Minimum Principle
Sean Meyn
University of Illinois


Oct. 21
UAV Motion Planning and Resource Management of Heterogeneous Platform and Sensor Ensembles
Andrew J. Newman
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

This lecture is also featured in the ISR Alumni Seminar series.

Oct. 28
Quantum Information Science

Christopher Monroe
University of Maryland

Dec. 1
Event-triggered and self-triggered control

Paulo Tabuada
University of California, Los Angeles


March 3
Challenges for Autonomous Mobile Microrobots
Sarah Bergbreiter
University of Maryland


April 16
Feedback Loops in Lamprey Swimming
Eric Tytell
University of Maryland


Jan. 31

Identification and Realization Theory for Hybrid Systems
Mihaly Petreczky
The Johns Hopkins University

Feb. 2
Reading the Neural Code in the Natural Sensory World
Garrett B. Stanley
Harvard University
A NACS and ISR Special Lecture
A special joint presentation between the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program and ISR

April 4
Feedback Control Over a Signal-to-Noise-Ratio Limited Communication Channel
Jim Freudenberg
University of Michigan

April 13
Estimation and control in confocal microscopy
Sean Andersson
Boston University


May 22
Optimal control and the design of feedback controls
William S. Levine
University of Maryland

Sept. 19
Some Questions in Distributed Control
Cedric Langbort
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Oct. 25
Hamiltonian Systems on Lie Groups
James Biggs
University of Reading, England

Dec. 5
Simple, effective scheduling strategies based on randomized load balancing
Randy Cogill
University of Virginia


Jan. 13
An Analysis of Finding Near-Optimal Solutions for Hard Discrete Optimization Problems Using Local Search Algorithms
Sheldon H. Jacobson
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Feb. 20
Control and Navigation for Autonomous Exploration of Flooded Caverns
George Kantor
Carnegie Mellon University

June 19
Reinforcement Learning with Supervision by Combining Multiple Learnings and Expert Advices
Hyeong Soo Chang
Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

July 11
Multi-Vehicle Networks
Raja Sengupta
University of California, Berkeley


Sept. 1

Multi-Agent Coordination by Decentralized Estimation and Control
Kevin Lynch
Northwestern University

Oct. 4
Prototyping environment from distributed embedded systems
Sameer Joshi
Pathway Technologies Incorporated
A Special ISR Systems Seminar

Oct. 10
No Assembly Required: Magnetically Guided Self-Assembly and Manipulation in Fluids
Gary Friedman
Drexel University

Nov. 15
Nonlinear Control with Limited Information
Daniel Liberzon
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Feb. 23
Measurement and control in quantum information science
Hideo Mabuchi
California Institute of Technology

June 16
Small Brains, Smart Minds: Vision, Navigation and 'Cognition' in Honeybees
Mandyam V. Srinivasan
Australian National University

Sept. 23
Optimization and the Price of Anarchy in a Dynamic Newsboy Model
Sean Meyn
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Nov. 18
How Flies Fly
Michael Dickinson
California Institute of Technology

Nov. 21
Control of Systems in a Dimensionless Framework
Andrew Alleyne
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


April 14
Multiagent Repeated Games and Convergence to Nash Equilibria
Jeff Shamma
University of California, Los Angeles

April 21
Wrinkling, draping and crumpling
L. Mahadevan
Harvard University

April 30
Interpolation by rational diffeomorphisms of the circle
Joel Langer
Case Western Reserve University

May 28
System Biology in Practice: Science, Technology, Challenges
Amir Handzel
Beyond Genomics, Inc.


June 4
Sensor Network Localization
Brian Anderson
National ICT Australia, Ltd
Australian National University

June 22
Control Advances in Production Printing and Publishing Systems
Lalit Mestha
Xerox Corp.
ISR Special Colloquium in conjunction with The CDS Lecture Series

July 11
Bio-Inspired Robotic Motion Control
Dimitris P. Tsakiris
Institute for Computer Science—FORTH
Heraklion, Greece

Sept. 8
Control Theoretic Aspects of Matrix Factorizations
Uwe Helmke
University of Wuerzberg


Feb. 7
Drive-by Sensing: Lessons Biology Can Teach Robots
Roman Kuc
Yale University

Feb. 28
Control of Multi-Robot Systems
Vijay Kumar
University of Pennsylvania

April 11
Controller Design for a Five-Line Planar Biped Robot
Jessy W. Grizzle
University of Michigan

April 25
Why Be Backward? Forward Evolution Equations for Barrier Options
Ali Hirsa
Morgan Stanley, New York
This lecture is presented as part of the ISR Systems Seminar Series

May 9
Juggling dynamics and a billiard control problem
Rodolphe Sepulchre
University of Liege

June 19
Stability of Phase Locking Behavior of Coupled Oscillators
Dirk Aeyels
University of Ghent

Aug. 5
Towards Flapping-of-Wings of a Butterfly from Robotic Controls
Kei Senda
Kanazawa University, Japan


Aug. 15
Stability of Networked Control Systems in the Presence of Packet Losses
Babak Azimi-Sadjadi
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
University of Maryland

Sept. 26
Modeling the cell's sense of direction
Pablo Iglesias
Center for Computational Medicine and Biology
Johns Hopkins University

Oct. 24
On the Optimal Control of Hybrid Systems: Theory and Algorithms for Trajectory and Schedule Optimization
Peter Caines
McGill University

Oct. 31
In-Silico Biology: Promise and Peril
Jeremy Gunawardena
Harvard Medical School

Nov. 5
Computational Anatomy and Models for Image Analysis
Michael Miller
Johns Hopkins University

Nov. 7
Temporal logic control of continuous systems
George Pappas
University of Pennsylvania


Jan. 22
H_2/H_Infinity Control of Singularly Peturbed Systems
K. B. Datta
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Feb. 22
Control of Underactuated Mechanical Systems or, How to Parallel Park a 10 m Blimp
Jim Ostrowski
University of Pennsylvania

March 6
Geometric strategies for motion planning and coordination
Francesco Bullo
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

April 25
Modeling Adaptation in Insect Visual Motion Processing
Patrick Shoemaker
Tanner Research Labs

May 3
Dynamics, Stability and Reduction of Fluctuating Mechanical Systems
Sri Namachchivaya
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

May 10
Audiomotor integration for spatially-guided behavior in the echolocating bat
Cynthia Moss
University of Maryland


Nov. 1
Linguistic control of mobile robots
Magnus Egerstedt
Georgia Institute of Technology

Nov. 11
Some issues in the control of distributed/stochastic systems
Yannis Kevrekidis
Princeton University

Nov. 15
Dynamics and Controls of Formation Flying Satellites in Earth Orbits
Sesha Sai Vaddi
Texas A&M University

Nov. 25
A Generative Theory of Shape
Michael Leyton
Rutgers University
This lecture is presented as part of the ISR Systems Seminar Series

Dec. 19
Invariant Subspace Computation—A Geometric Approach
Pierre-Antoine Absil
University of Liege


March 23
Time Optimal Control of Quantum Systems
Navin Khaneha
Dartmouth College

April 6
Control Techniques for Platoons of Underwater Vehicles
Bradley E. Bishop and Daniel J. Stilwell
United States Naval Academy

April 13
Parameter Estimation with Vision and Range
Bijoy Ghosh
Washington University

May 29
Asymptotic Stabilization of Relative Equilibria
Thomas Posbergh
University of Minnesota

Sept. 14
Controlling the central pattern generator locomotion after spinal cord injury: Problem and solutions
Avis Cohen
University of Maryland


Sept. 28
High-resolution optical wave front sensing and control
Eric Justh
University of Maryland
Army Research Lab
This seminar is also part of the ISR Systems Seminar series.

Oct. 15
Modeling and Control of Thin Film Deposition
Martha Gallivan
California Institute of Technology

Nov. 30
Temporal Patterns in Control
P. S. Krishnaprasad
University of Maryland


Feb. 14
A comparison of the rigid body equations and the incompressible, inviscid ideal fluid flow equations, with the extremals of two optimal control problems
Peter E. Crouch
Arizona State University

Feb. 25
Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of Fluid with Applications to Turbomachinery
Richard M. Murray
United Technologies Research Center

March 27
Audio and Video Signal Acquisition in Challenging Environments: Current Research at the Harvard Intelligent Multi-Media Environments Laboratory (HIMMEL)
Michael Brandstein
Harvard University

April 3
Models for Insect Locomotion: Why Cockroaches Get Away
Philip Holmes
Princeton University
This lecture is also part of the ISR Special Colloquium Lecture series.

May 5
Active Shielding and Control of Environmental Noise
Josip Loncaric
NASA Langley Research Center


May 15
Nonlinear Model Reduction: Control and Computational Mechanics
Jerrold E. Marsden
California Institute of Technology

May 26
Low Energy Routes Using Chaos in Space Travel and Astronomy
Edward Belbruno
Princeton University

Sept. 22
Engineering Applications of Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis
Gregory S. Chirikjian
Johns Hopkins University

Sept. 29
Patterns and their dynamics in catalytic CO oxidation
J. Krishnan
Princeton University

Oct. 10
Using Attractor Dynamics to Generate Autonomous Robot Behavior
Gregor Schoener
Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences Cognitives
Marseille, France

Nov. 3
Schooling Autonomous Vehicles with Artificial Potentials
Naomi Leonard
Princeton University


Feb. 12
General Input Balancing and Model Reduction for Linear and Nonlinear Systems
W. Steven Gray
Old Dominion University

March 15
Modeling and Control Issues Concerning Smart Materials with Hysteresis
Ralph C. Smith
North Carolina State University

March 26
Stabilization of Strongly Nonlinear Systems with Incomplete Model Information
Kristi Morgansen
Harvard University

March 31
Motion Control with Limited Communication
Dimitris Hristu
Harvard University

April 9
Characterization, Design, and Modeling of Magnetostrictive Transducers
Alison B. Flatau
National Science Foundation

May 24
Scale Independent Hysteresis Switching and Some of Its Applications
A. Stephen Morse
Yale University

Aug. 13
Long-Duration Carrier-Smoothed-Code Algorithm for GPS Positioning
Li-Sheng Wang
National Taiwan University


Oct. 6
Computation of Space and Spectrum in the Owl's Auditory System
Terry T. Takahashi
University of Oregon

Oct. 20
Stabilization by the Method of Control Lagrangians
Anthony Bloch
University of Michigan

Oct. 22
Edgar Knobloch
University of California, Berkeley

Oct. 27
Learning Algorithms for MDPs: Recent Results
Vivek S. Borkar
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay

Nov. 10
Riddle Basins of Attraction of Chaotic Systems: Inevitable uncertainties in the outcomes of experiments
Edward Ott
University of Maryland

Nov. 19
Chaotic Laser Dynamics: Control and Noise
Rajarshi Roy
University of Maryland


March 16
Merging of IC Fabrication and Traditional Manufacturing Methodologies
Marc J. Madou
Ohio State University

April 3
Development of a GPS-Based Tracking System for Missile Test and Evaluation
Larry Levy
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

May 21
Stability and Convergence of Stochastic Approximation Algorithms by the O.D.E. Method
Vivek S. Borkar
Indian Institute of Science

Aug. 27
Nonholonomic Visual Servoing
Dimitris P. Tsakiris
INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis

Sept. 25
Averaging Second-Order Control Systems: Spatial Invariance
John Baillieul
Boston University

Oct. 9
U.S. Navy Micro Air Vehicle Development
Richard J. Foch
Naval Research Laboratory


April 24
Random Walking During Quiet Standing
J. J. Collins
Boston University


Oct. 24
Active Material Systems and Meso-Scale Actuator Designs
Greg P. Carman
University of California, Los Angeles


Feb. 28
Geometry and Nonlinear Control, 300 Years After Johann Bernoulli's Brachistochrone Problem
Hector J. Sussmann
Rutgers University

March 1
Adaptive Behavior in Natural and Artificial Organisms
Randall D. Beer
Santa Fe Institute and Case Western Reserve University


April 25
Control Concepts for the Intervention and Interrogation of Molecular Dynamics
Herschel Rabitz
Princeton University

May 15
Linking PET Imaging in Humans to a Model of Neural Mechanisms of Grasping
Michael A. Arbib
University of Southern California

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