How to reach us

The Institute for Systems Research and the Maryland Robotics Center welcome the interest of reporters, editors, and producers.

Our primary media contact is:

Rebecca Copeland
Director, Public Relations and Information Management
(301) 405-6602

Our faculty experts can speak on a wide range of subjects, including:

AI and ML for robotics, automated planning, game theory, speech recognition, data visualization, rule-based expert systems, logic programs and virtual reality.

Control systems and methodologies, control theory, optimization theory, biologically inspired control, robotics and robotic network control.

Batteries, power electronics, renewable energy systems, energy harvesting, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, more electric aircraft, more data-centers, pyroelectric systems, solar PV converters, smart grid technologies, energy markets

MEMS sensors and actuators; nanofabrication materials, processes and devices; labs-on-a-chip; small-scale energy generation, storage and harvesting; microsystem medical devices and treatments; trust and security for nano-scale devices.

Communication networks, hardware, information theory and security

Auditory cortex signal processing; brain development and plasticity; sensorimotor integration; neuromechanical systems; speech recognition; neuromorphic sensors, control and VLSI; computational neuroscience; cell-based sensors.

Decision making, operations research, transportation science, supply chain and revenue management, network reliability and optimization.

Bio-inspired robots; medical robots; collaborative, cooperative and networked robots; robotics for extreme environments; unmanned air and water vehicles; AI and computer vision for robots.

Model-based systems engineering, integration, cyber-physical systems, analysis and control of stochastic systems, Markov decision processes, discrete event and hybrid systems, network optimization and management. Engineering design that incorporates machine learning.

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Chris Bender
Assistant Dean for Communications
(240) 350-0698

Melissa L. Andreychek
Associate Director of Communications
(301) 405–0292

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