This page provides a simple list of ISR-associated centers and labs, with direct links to each. You can also browse descriptions of each research unit by clicking the button below.

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Advanced Manufacturing Lab

AI and Autonomy for Multi-Agent Systems (ArtIAMAS)

Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS)

Autonomy Robotics Cognition Lab

Collective Dynamics and Control Lab

Computational Sensorimotor Systems Lab

CPS & Cooperative Autonomy Lab

GAMMA Research Group (Dinesh Manocha)

Human-Computer Interaction Lab


Integrated Biomorphic Information Systems Laboratory

Intelligent Servosystems Lab

Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing

Maryland Autonomous Technologies Research Innovation and Exploration Lab (MATRIX Lab)

Maryland Embedded Systems and Hardware Security (MeshSec) Lab

Maryland Power Electronics Laboratory

Maryland Robotics Center Labs

Media and Security Team

MEMS Sensors and Actuators Lab

Microelectronics at Maryland research group

Neural Systems Lab

Perception and Robotics Group

Semi-Autonomous Systems Lab

Semiconductor Simulation Lab (Goldsman)

Sensors and Actuators Laboratory

Simulation-Based System Design Laboratory

Speech Communication Lab

Sustainable Archives and Leveraging Technologies (SALT) Lab

Systems Engineering and Integration Lab

Thinfilm Research Group