Research Funding

Title Faculty Funding Agency
NEXTOR III: DO 20: Continued Data Analysis and Simulation of the Impact of Convective Weather on Airfield Efficiency Michael O. Ball Federal Aviation Administration
DARPA/SRC: CogniSense: The Center on Cognitive Multispectral Sensors (a JUMP 2.0 Center) Pamela Abshire19 additional researchers from 13 universities DARPA/Semiconductor Research Corporation
Test Bed Collaborative Research and Development Wayne Phoel 5G Security Industry Test Bed, LLC
UMD Grand Challenges Impact Award: Microbiome Sciences Reza GhodssiWilliam Bentley (BIOE), Mihai Pop (UMIACS), Mostafa Ghanem (AGNR), Elizabeth Quinlan (BIO), Stephanie Yarwood (AGNR), Brantley Hall (CBMG), Shirley Micallef (AGNR), Birthe Kjellerup (CEE) University of Maryland
UMD Grand Challenges Impact Award: Values-Centered Artificial Intelligence Huan XuPratrap Tokekar (CS/UMIACS), Jordan Boyd-Graber (CMNS), Fabrizio Cariani (ARHU), Marine Carpuat (CMNS), Joel Chan (INFO), John Dickerson (CMNS), Sheena Erete (INFO), Eric Hoover (HESP), Furong Huang (CMNS), Hernisa Kacorri (INFO), Jing Liu (EDUC), Eric Pacuit (ARHU), Susannah Paletz (INFO), Huaishu Peng (CMNS), Louiqa Raschid (BMGT), Debra Shapiro (BMGT), Ido Sivan-Sevilla (INFO), Hal Dumé III, PI (CS), Vanessa Frías-Martínez, Co-PI (INFO), John Horty, Co-PI (Philosophy), Katie Shilton, Co-PI (INFO) University of Maryland
UMD Grand Challenges Team Project Grant: Fostering Inclusivity through Technology Carol Espy-WilsonYi Ting Huang, PI (HESP), Kathryn Dow-Burger (HESP), Andrew Begel (Carnegie Mellon), Elizabeth Redclay (PSYC), Shevaun Lewis (ARHU), Ge Gao (INFO), Louiqa Raschid (BMGT), Ira Karemer (NACS/BIO), Quentin Leifer (BSOS) University of Maryland
UMD Grand Challenges Team Project Grant: Using Machine Learning to Measure and Improve Equity in K-12 Mathematics Classrooms Carol Espy-WilsonJing Liu (EDUC), Wei Ai (INFO) University of Maryland
UMD Grand Challenges Team Project Grant: Music Education for All through AI Cornelia FermüllerInina Murisanu (ARHU) University of Maryland
UMD Grand Challenges Individual Project Grant: Increasing Sustainability, Accessibility, and Equity in Urban Mobility with a Self-driving E-Scooter Derek A. Paley University of Maryland
SK on Co, Ltd: Enabling Ion-Conducting Solid Electrolyte Films for Next Generation Energy Storage Gary Rubloff SK on Co, Ltd
MDOT: Enhancing and Increasing State-of-the-Practice Capability of Video Pipe Inspection Technology David Lovell Maryland Department of Transportation
NSF: Shared Information: Theory and Applications Prakash Narayan National Science Foundation
Title Faculty Funding Agency
MPowering the State: AI Discovery and Sensing for Biomarkers of Chronic Pain Pamela Abshire, Robert Ernst, School of Dentistry, UMB MPowering the State UMD/UMB Strategic Partnership
Fairness in Artificial Intelligence: Toward Fair Decision Making and Resource Allocation with Application to AI-Assisted Graduate Admission and Degree Completion Min Wu, Dana Dachman-Soled, Furong Huang, PI (Computer Science) National Science Foundation and Amazon
ONR MURI: Learning to Mine a Soundscape Shihab Shamma, Mounya Elhilali (ECE Ph.D. 2004), now at Johns Hopkins University, PI;, Ramani Duraisawami (CS/UMIACS), co-PI;, Additional co-PIs at JHU and CMU Office of Naval Research
General Dynamics Electric Boat: Hybrid Multilevel Converter Topology Evaluation Alireza Khaligh General Dynamics Electric Boat
NSF: Estimating Articulatory Constriction Place and Timing from Speech Acoustics Carol Espy-Wilson, Suzanne Boyce (U Cincinnati), Mark Tiede (Haskins Laboratories) National Science Foundation
Boeing: A High Power Density Motor Controller for Avionic Applications Alireza Khaligh The Boeing Company
SPADE: Strategic Probabilistic Attitudinal Diplomacy Engine Dana Nau Northwestern University; DARPA
NSF CR CPS Medium: ASTrA: Automated Synthesis for Trustworthy Autonomous Utility Services Nuno Martins National Science Foundation
NSF CR CPS Medium: Population Games for Cyber-Physical Systems: New Theory with Tools for Transportation Management under Extreme Demand Nuno Martins National Science Foundation
NSF: Electro-Thermally Integrated Traction Inverter Alireza Khaligh, Bongtae Han National Science Foundation
NSF: D-ISN: Evolution of Global Illicit Kidney Trade Networks: Identification, Reconstruction, and Disruption Michael FuNaoru Koizumi (PI from GMU), Monica Gentili (co-PI from University of Louisville), Hadi El-Amine (co-PI from GMU National Science Foundation
BBI Seed Grant: Toward a non-linguistic measure of auditory processing deficits in older and younger monolingual and bilingual adults Jonathan Simon, Samira AndersonNick Pandza (ARLIS), Michael Johns, Stefanie Kuchinsky Brain and Behavior Institute