Research Funding

Title Faculty Funding Agency
Closed-Loop Sensing and Actuation for Gastrointestinal Capsule Systems Reza Ghodssi National Science Foundation
A High Level Synthesis Approach to Logic Obfuscation Ankur Srivastava National Science Foundation
Transforming shellfish farming with smart technology and management practices for sustainable production Miao Yu, Nikhil Chopra, Yiannis Aloimonos, Yang TaoMatthew Gray, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Chengchu Lin, UMD Extension Service, Matt Parker, UMD Senior Agent Associate AGNR-UME-Sea Grant Extension, Donald Webster, UMD Senior Agent AGNR-UME-Wye REC, Yuanwei Jin, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Brian Callam, Louisiana State University, Bobbi Hudson, Pacific Shellfish Institute, Jonathan van Senten, Virginia Tech USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Protecting University Communities from COVID-19 with Model-Based Risk Management Jeffrey HerrmannDonald Milton, Hongjie Liu National Science Foundation
Accelerating Research on Neuromorphic Perception, Action, and Cognition Cornelia Fermüller, Shihab Shamma, Behtash BabadiRalph Etienne-Cummings (JHU), Andreas Andreou (JHU) National Science Foundation
Human-Agent Teaming on Intelligence Tasks Adam PorterSusannah Paletz (iSchool/ARLIS) Army Research Office
Robust Network-Level Inference from Neuronal Data Underlying Behavior Behtash Babadi National Science Foundation
Understanding and Facilitating Remote Triage and Rehabilitation during Pandemics via Visual Based Patient Physiologic Sensing Min WuDonald Milton (School of Public Health), Chau-Wai Wong (alumnus, North Carolina State University), Simon Ho, University of Maryland School of Medicine National Science Foundation
BBI Seed Grant: Learning Age and Gender Adaptive Gait Motor Control-based Emotion Using Deep Neural Networks and Affective Modeling Dinesh ManochaAniket Bera (CS/UMIACS), Jae Kun Shim (Kinesiology, Bioengineering) UMD Brain and Behavior Initiative
Simulation Optimization: New Approaches to Gradient-based Search and Maximum Likelihood Estimation Michael Fu, Steve Marcus Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Discovery, Analysis, and Disruption of Illicit Narcotic Supply Networks S. Raghu RaghavanMargaret Bjarnadottir (Smith School), John Dickerson (CS), Siddharth Chandra (MSU), Galia Benitez (MSU) National Science Foundation
Title Faculty Funding Agency
NSF CIF: Reconstructing Multiple Sources by Spatial Sampling and Compression Prakash Narayan National Science Foundation
Readout and control of spatiotemporal neuronal codes for behavior Behtash Babadi, Patrick Kanold, Wolfgang Losert National Institutes of Health BRAIN Initiative
Modeling Animal Dispersal: Linking the Ideal to the Real William FaganEliezer Gurarie (Biology) National Science Foundation Collaborative Research
Developing engineering solutions to investigate microbiome-to-neuron communication Reza Ghodssi, William E. Bentley, Wolfgang LosertJens Herberholz National Science Foundation
Title Faculty Funding Agency
NSF IIS: Neuromorphic and Data-Driven Speech Segregation Shihab Shamma, Carol Espy-Wilson National Science Foundation
Boeing: Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor-based modular power electronic solution for more electric aircraft Alireza Khaligh Boeing
NSF CPS: Resilient-by-Cognition Cyber-Physical Systems P. S. Krishnaprasad National Science Foundation
MURI: Innovations in Mean-Field Game Theory for Scalable Computation and Diverse Applications Dana Nau Air Force Office of Scientific Research
DARPA: Robust Semi-Autonomous Swarm Tactics for Situational Awareness in Uncertain Environments Huan Xu, Dinesh Manocha DARPA
BBI: A Multimodal Sensor Discovery Platform to Study the Molecular Events Underlying the Gut-Microbiome-Brain Axis Reza Ghodssi UMD Brain and Behavior Initiative
BBI: Precision Optogenetics: msec time resolution optical imaging and control of neuronal circuits Behtash Babadi UMD Brain and Behavior Initiative
NSF: CIF: Information Recovery Under Connectivity and Communication Constraints Alexander Barg National Science Foundation
NSF: CIF: CR: On the Fundamental Nature of the Age of Updates Anthony Ephremides National Science Foundation