Research Funding

Title Faculty Funding Agency
Optimizing Sensor Arrays for Waveform Enhancement National Science Foundation
DOE: NEES EFRC renewed for four years Gary Rubloff Department of Energy
NSF CMMI: New Approaches for Simulation-Based Optimal Decision Making Michael Fu National Science Foundation
NIH NIDCD: Spectro-Temporal Plasticity in Primary Auditory Cortex Shihab Shamma National Institutes of Health National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
NSF CMMI: Motion Guidance for Ocean Sampling by Underwater Vehicles using Autonomous Control and Oceanographic Models with Forecast Uncertainty Derek A. Paley National Science Foundation
UMD Research and Innovation Seed Grant: Temporal Auditory Coding in Schizophrenia and Treatment-Resistant Auditory Hallucination Jonathan Simon UMD Division of Research, Research and Innovation Seed Grant
NSF CMMI: Graded-Index Metamaterial Waveguides: An Innovative Approach to Acoustic Wave Control Miao Yu National Science Foundation
NSF Collaborative Research: Observing, Analyzing and Modeling Design-Team Problem-Decompositions in Facility Design Jeffrey Herrmann National Science Foundation
NSF Collaborative Research: RIPS Type 2: Quantifying Disaster Resilience of Critical Infrastructure-based Societal Systems with Emergent Behavior and Dynamic Interdependencies National Science Foundation
NIH NIDCR: Magnetic Delivery of Therapeutic Nanoparticles to the Dental Pulp NIH National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research
NSF: Optimal Distributed Estimation over Shared Networks Nuno Martins National Science Foundation
NSF Collaborative Research: Theoretical Foundation of Distributed Wireless Channel Access Anthony Ephremides National Science Foundation
NSF Collaborative Research: Effects of production variability on the acoustic consequences of coordinated articulatory gestures Carol Espy-Wilson National Science Foundation
AFOSR MURI: Security Theory for Nano-Scale Devices Ankur Srivastava, Gang Qu Air Force Office of Scientific Research
NSF CPS Collaborative Research: Designing semi-autonomous networks of miniature robots for inspection of bridges and other large infrastructures Nuno Martins, Richard J. La National Science Foundation
NSF: Phaseless Reconstruction and Geometric Analysis of Frames National Science Foundation
DoD: Shared Perception, Cognition and Reasoning for Autonomy John S. Baras US Army RDECOM
NSF CPS Breakthrough: Compositional Modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems Steve Marcus National Science Foundation
NSF: Time-scale analysis for the synthesis of thin-film deposition reaction kinetics models Raymond A. Adomaitis National Science Foundation
NSF CIF: Foundations of Energy Harvesting Wireless Communications Sennur Ulukus National Science Foundation
NSF BRAIN EAGER: Wireless Measurement of Neuronal Currents Using Spin-Torque Nano-Oscillators Benjamin Shapiro National Science Foundation
ARL: Physical Layer Security for Wireless Communications Sennur Ulukus Army Research Laboratory
NSF CIF: Efficient Codes and their Performance Limits for Distributed Storage Systems Alexander Barg National Science Foundation
NSF Collaboative Research: Synergistic Exploitation of Network Dynamics and Knowledge Heterogeneity in Wireless Networks Sennur Ulukus National Science Foundation