John S. Baras

Funding Agency

Army Research Office through University of Pennsylvania




This one-year cooperative agreement is a $85K subaward through the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the University of Pennsylvania.

Distributed Intelligence: Establish the theoretical foundations of multi-faceted distributed networked intelligent systems combining autonomous agents, sensors, tactical super-computing, knowledge bases in the tactical cloud, and human experts to acquire and apply knowledge to affect and inform decisions of the collective team.

Heterogeneous Group Control: Develop theory and algorithms for control of large autonomous teams with varying levels of heterogeneity and modularity across sensing, computing, platforms, and degree of autonomy.

Adaptive and Resilient Behaviors: Develop theory and methods for heterogeneous teams to carry out tasks under dynamic and varying conditions in the physical world.

Several research themes are common across the RAs, including learning, networking, and experimentation.