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Model-Based Systems Engineering Colloquia Series

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Fall 2018

Friday, Sept. 28
Photon Pulse-Shape Engineering
Matthew James
Australian National University
| video | slides |

Fall 2017

Friday, Nov. 17
Model Reduction for Hysteresis Operators
Xiaobo Tan
Michigan State University
(This is also a UTRC Control and Dynamical Systems Invited Lecture)

Spring 2017

Wednesday, May 3
On Moment Problems in Robust Control, Spectral Estimation, Image Processing and System Identification
Anders Lindquist
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
slides | video |

Monday, May 8

Modeling Architecture Styles
Anastasia Mavridou
Vanderbilt University
| video |

Fall 2016

Monday, Sept. 26
Monitoring and Mitigation of Air Traffic Delays
Hamsa Balakrishnan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
| slides | video |


Monday, Oct. 10
Experiences From Implementing Model-Based Systems Engineering in a Large Organization
Erik Herzog
| video |


Monday, Oct. 17
Market Design for Future Electric Distribution Networks
Na Li
Harvard University
| video | slides |

Monday, Oct. 24
Model checking and strategy synthesis for mobile autonomy: From theory to practice
Marta Kwiakowska
University of Oxford
| video | slides |

Monday, Oct. 31
Model-Based Systems Engineering of Future Cyber-Physical Electrical Power Systems: Challenges and Foundations
Luigi Vanfretti
| video | slides |

Monday, Nov. 7
Physical Model-Based Design
Albert Benveniste
| slides | video |

Monday, Nov. 21
Model-Based System and Software Engineering: Why and How?
Sebastien Gerard
| slides | video |

Monday, Dec. 5
Distributed optimization of continuous-time multi-agent networks
Yiguang Hong
Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Chinese Academy of Sciences
| slides | video |

Spring 2016

Monday, Feb. 22
Robust Model Predictive Control
Sasa Rakovic
Visiting Scholar
University of Texas
| video | slides |

Wednesday, Feb. 24
General Model Predictive Control
Sasa Rakovic
Visiting Scholar
University of Texas
| video | slides |

Monday, April 4
The Quality Cost Interface in the Era of Health Care Reform and the Role of Systems Engineering
Kenneth E. Wood
University of Maryland School of Medicine
| video |

Monday, April 25
Cellular Reprogramming and Controllability of Complex Systems
Roger Brockett
An Wang Research Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Harvard University and ISR
* Joint event with the UTRC Control and Dynamical Systems Invited Lecture Series
| video | slides |

Monday, May 2
Opinion Dynamics over Signed Social Networks
Guodong Shi
Australian National University
(A combined Advanced Networks/MBSE Colloquium)
| video | slides |

Monday, May 9
Industrial and Systems Engineering in Healthcare Transformation
Priantha Devapriya
Healthcare Re-Engineering Center at Geisinger
| video |

Monday, July 11
Using model checking to improve the quality of complex industrial software
Jeroen Keiren
Open University of the Netherlands
| slides |

Fall 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 6
Recent Results in Power System Damping Control and RLC Network Model Order Reduction
Nelson Martins
CEPEL (Brazilian Electrical Energy Research Center)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
| slides part 1 | slides part 2 |

Fall 2014

Monday, Sept. 22
Strategies for Applying Analytical Methods in Manufacturing
Peter Denno
Computer Scientist
Systems Integration Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology
| video |

Monday, Oct. 6
NSF Program Overview: Engineering and Systems Design (ESD) and Systems Science (SYS)
Chris Paredis
Program Director
Engineering and Systems Design (ESD) and Systems Science (SYS) programs
National Science Foundation
| video |


Fall 2013

Monday, Sept. 23, 2013
Model-Based Software and Systems Engineering: Elements of Seamless Development
Manfred Broy
Chair Software and Systems Engineering
Fakultat fur Informatik
Technische Universitat Munchen
| video | slides |

Monday, Sept. 30, 2013
Smart Grids: End-to-End Cyber Physical Electric Energy Systems
Marija Ilic
Carnegie Mellon University
| video | slides |

Monday, Oct. 7, 2013
Models of Time for Safety Critical Systems
Partial vs. Total Order—Polychronous vs. Synchronous

Sandeep Shukla
Hume Center for National Security and Technology
Virginia Tech Arlington Research Center
| video | slides |

Monday, Oct. 14, 2013
Achieving Systems Understanding through MBSE-Centric Analytics
Christopher Oster
Space Systems Architect
Lockheed Martin
| slides |

Monday, Oct. 21, 2013
Integrated Modeling and Analysis to Support Model-Based System Developments
Hongman Kim
Phoenix Integration
| video |

Monday, Oct. 28, 2013
Systems Engineering and Innovation in Control--An Industry Perspective and an Application to Automotive Powertrains
Tariq Samad
Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions
| video | slides |

Friday, Nov. 8, 2013
Pluggable Analysis Viewpoints for Design Space Exploration
Michael Masin
IBM Research – Haifa Lab
| video | slides |

Monday, Nov. 11, 2013
System Engineering of GM's Global Automotive Electronics, Controls and Software Product Line: Current Practice and Challenges
Joseph D'Ambrosio
GM Research & Development
| video | slides |

Monday, Nov. 25, 2013
Fair Control under Resource Constraints
Sandra Hirche
Technishe Universitat Munchen
| slides | video |

Monday, Dec. 2, 2013
Intelligent Digital Manufacturing: Closing the gap between design and manufacturing
Tolga Kurtoglu
Xerox PARC
| video |

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013
A Derivative-Free Trust-Region Method for Biobjective Optimization
Sujin Kim
National University of Singapore
| video |

Spring 2013

Monday, Feb. 25, 2013
From Validating Models to Validating Systems
Peter Denno
National Institute of Standards and Technology
| video | slides |

Monday, April 1, 2013
Models for Geometric Composability of Engineered Physical Systems
Vijay Srinivasan
National Institute of Standards and Technology
| video | slides |

Friday, April 12, 2013
Analysis and Simulation of Embedded Control Performance using Jitterbug and TrueTime
Karl-Erik Arzen
Lund University, Sweden
| video | slides |

Monday, April 15, 2013
UML: Once More with Meaning
Ed Seidewitz
Ivar Jacobson International
| video | slides |

Monday, May 13, 2013
Extending SysML for Integration with Solver-based Simulation Tools
Conrad Bock
National Institute of Standards and Technology
| video | slides |


Monday, Feb. 13, 2012
A Step Beyond The State Of The Art Robust Model Predictive Control Synthesis Methods
Sasa Rakovic
University of Maryland
| video | slides |


Monday, Sept. 19, 2011
Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems
André Platzer
Carnegie Mellon University
| video | slides |

Monday, Sept. 26, 2011
Modelica—A Cyber-Physical Modeling Language for Systems Engineering and the OpenModelica Environment
Peter Fritzson
Linköping University
| video | slides | movie in presentation |

Monday, Oct. 10, 2011
Model Integration Challenge in the Design of Cyber Physical Systems
Janos Sztipanovits
Vanderbilt University
| video | slides |

Monday, Oct. 31, 2011
Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML: Problem Definition, Analysis and Optimization
Chris Paredis
| video | slides |

Monday, Nov. 7, 2011
Building Algebraic Structures with Combinators
Timothy Griffin
University of Cambridge
| video | slides |

Monday, Nov. 21, 2011
On the development of tools for system design
Allessandro Pinto
United Technologies Research Center
| video | slides |

Monday, Nov. 28, 2011
Logical Modeling for Engineering
Conrad Bock
National Institute of Standards and Technology
| video | slides |

Monday, Dec. 5, 2011
On A Framework for Data and Specification-Driven Inverse Mulitscale Design of Materials
John G. Michopoulos
Naval Research Laboratory
| video | slides |


Monday, April 25
Cellular Reprogramming and Controllability of Complex Systems
Roger Brockett
Harvard University and ISR


You can also hear a lecture about MBSE that Dr. Baras gave to the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter in October 2012 here. Note that the audio starts at slide "10." if you would like to view/download a PDF of the slide set, click here.