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New SPS (Workday) Login

To the University Community:

This email contains important information about a new login process for SPS (Workday) that the State of Maryland Employee Benefits Division (EBD) has implemented. This new process is required in order to enroll in or make changes to health benefits. You will need to complete this process as soon as possible, so as not to be delayed for the SPS Benefits Open Enrollment period in October. This year, Open Enrollment will be held October 19 through November 13. Look for further details in the coming weeks.

This new login process will require you:

  • To go to a new link,
  • Set up a new password, and
  • Set up at least one additional security method to log into Workday.

You will be able to select a method that works best for you—a one-time passcode via email or text, passcode through a mobile app on your mobile device, or security questions.  You must select at least one method but you can set up multiple methods.  This new process is with OneLogin, and you may have experienced this kind of secure login process in other applications.  This process gives SPS an extra layer of security for employee information.


Capital first letter of your first name + Lower case first letter of your last name + 4 digit birth year + Last 4 digits of social security number +  $ (include the dollar sign)

For employee John Smith, birth year 1960, last 4 digits of his SSN 8567
Temporary Password for John Smith is: Js19608567$
(You will use your information to create your own temporary password)

If you have issues with your initial login, please check your W# and the temporary password immediately.  This is where the most common problems occur.  You can find your W# on your biweekly earnings statement or in the upper right hand corner of your time entry record.

  1. Access SPS (Workday) at this new link:  stateofmaryland.onelogin.com/

  2. Type in your W# (SPS ID) and use the following temporary password that has been configured for you (your current password will not work here):
  3. Once you have logged in, you can use the Quick Reference Guide for the next steps and to review detailed information about this process. EBD has also provided some helpful tips available at this link to help you with setting up your access.

After you have successfully logged into SPS (Workday), you must change your Favorites or Bookmark to the new  Workday link.  The Guide has instructions for this as well.  This will ensure that you are using the correct link to use Workday.  Once you use OneLogin to access SPS (Workday), please continue to use this process for the SPS Benefits Open Enrollment period or any other SPS Benefits changes.

If after following the above instructions you need OneLogin assistance, you can  contact the UHR Support Center at (301) 405-7575 or mybenefits@umd.edu.

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